DBZ Burst Limit 1st Trailer Gameplay

This is the first gameplay of the up coming game Dragonball Z Burst timit Hope you Enjoy it.

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[email protected]3960d ago

I could say AWESOME now I can buy up another DBZ because it play like Budokai 3. I hate from the bottom of my heart the Tenkachi Budokai style way to much >_>

wind_dragon3960d ago

especially 2 player, cause it was split screen. i ended up buying the first 2 anyway cause i'm a hardcore DBZ fan....i was going to buy BT3, cause i didn't know when this was coming out.

Xemnas3960d ago

Yeah me to i stop playing when they took out the Budokai style happy it's back

hazeblaze3960d ago

I love DBZ games and will probably get this one just to have a next gen version of DBZ. However, I have to say that this vid is not the next gen leap I'd envisioned for the series. Aside from slightly better looking particle effects, this game doesn't look much different than the previous ones.

Triplehhhhh3960d ago

This trailer was FIRST shown on december 25th. It is now the 10th of january. NExt time, dont post old crap here

godoftime3960d ago

i was hoping it to look way more awesome and jaw dropping. still interested though, i would want to give it a try, maybe a demo would help me decide when it finally comes out.

Strife Lives3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

Man, pls dnt tel me ths isnt a replacement to the tenkaichi games. it looks ok bt after playing 3 tenkaichi games,the budokai beat em up style just doesnt do it for me anymore

mintaro3960d ago

good to see the budokai style comin back again

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