YouGamers reviews SunAge

Games are evaluated in a certain context, and for better or worse that context often includes some form of judgement regarding price. In other words, a review includes a component which judges value, if for no other reason than to identify a particular game's main competitors. SunAge is a value title (with an expected price of $29.99 USD), and it's tempting to suggest that value titles should be reviewed with a bit of leeway regarding quality. But a budget-priced game should make concessions in scope of content and not quality of execution, and this axiom reveals the main fault of SunAge: the game is simply untested and unfinished. It is an ambitious project that grew beyond its means, and when development resources ran out, the build-of-the-day was pressed to disc and shipped to retailers. Even if the North American release features the patched version of the game, SunAge is still fundamentally a mess, and no degree of post-release support can excuse an early release.

Score: 45/100

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