aviator1894060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

Hopefully, with Molyneux gone, the tradition of false promises can be broken and the devs can go back to the roots of the series which made the first game so great.

And oh yeah, I want to be able to plant a seed and watch it grow into a tree in the next Fable.

Abash4060d ago

Id like to see a new IP from Lionhead Studios. Fable should be put to rest or take a long break

aviator1894060d ago

Yeah, same here. I wonder what they're using that new engine they showed off at GDC for. Hopefully, it's a new game and they're holding off Fable 4 until a little down the road.

NukaCola4060d ago

I wish they'd just make B.C. already. That was the game I really wanted on the original Xbox before Lionhead went full steam into Fable.

EVILDEAD3604059d ago

Love Fable and it's far from off track..

I love that they are doing the side games to give you something a little different.

Save Fable 4 for 720..I'd love to see what Lionhead pulls off next gen.

Peter or not they make some fun RPGs..


TekoIie4059d ago

Fable's art is amazing, Your interaction with the world is amazing. Lots of stuff in fable is really good but it always ends up failing on gameplay.

They should honestly take a look at the top RPG's and see if they can take anything from all those and give Fable its own identity in gameplay which is good and not too easy.

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NYC_Gamer4060d ago

Fable is just finished all of the creative ideas are gone

Aesth3tic_Karma4060d ago

I think that Fable has a lot of creativity to work with. I just hope Lionhead is able to express the creativity and build on the great ideas that were promised in the first place.

Dualshockers_Carlos4060d ago

fable has been off track since fable 1

Nac4060d ago

Have the strength of Fable 1's story and the openness of Fable 2.

TekoIie4059d ago

...and the gameplay of a good game. Sorry but i honestly feel its gameplay which ruins Fable. It does good-brilliant in just about everything other than gameplay. Fable 2 was too easy and then in Fable 3 they sort of ruined it.

gcolley4059d ago

get rid of dumbass gestures

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