New Releases for the Week of April 29th- May 5th, 2012

From Awesomenauts‘ foray into the multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) genre to Sniper Elite V2‘s re-invigoration of the tactical shooter, April’s concluding week is poised to deliver a number of remarkable titles. Whether you’re a player with a proclivity to rip out spleens while riding the bus, or merely a PC gamer yearning for a MMO that’s brimming with nuanced combat, new releases ranging from Mortal Kombat to Tera are in store.

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sharpsword3334d ago

I can wait for Max Payne 3.

madmad3334d ago

I didn't play the Sniper Elite V2 demo. I guess I need to now.

deserteaglexix3334d ago

You do. It's amazingly fun.

RaptorMan3334d ago

Is TERA free to play or monthly?

CharmingMan3334d ago

Awesomenauts. Free. PS+ is a damn good service. Freebies are good.

mediastudies3334d ago

Not all that much this week. No 3DS games, again?

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