PS Vita: How the Console Beats Smartphone Gaming Hands Down

GameBandits: "A lot of talk has been heard regarding the popularity of mobile gaming. There are now literally hundreds of thousands of apps available across all cell phone platforms that allow the users to while away idle moments. A few months ago the trend was Angry Birds, it briefly became Fruit Ninja, and now everyone seems to be playing the Pictionary simulator Draw Something."

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Titanz3384d ago (Edited 3384d ago )

The difference is; Smart phones are consumers friendly, and are being purchased by a lot of people.

SteamFrostedEgg3384d ago

"Consumer Friendly"?

Everything you see in the shops let alone electrical hardware is made to be "consumer friendly".

I think you mean to say the smart phone is the new Nokia 1100 and quite simply, more people need a phone than a gaming console.

mamotte3384d ago

because it has better games. You dont need to be a Vita to do it, every gaming dedicated handheld can do it.

deno3384d ago

I'm pretty sure people who purchase smartphones, purchase them for calling and internet use. Therefore games aren't their main reason to buy a six hundred to eight hundred dollar smart phone.

Kran3384d ago

FACT: Vita can pretty much now do what a touch smartphone can, + more.

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The story is too old to be commented.