Here’s The Portal 2 DLC Trailer


Perpetual Testing is the name of Valve’s Portal 2 DLC, coming to PC and Mac on May 8th. It’s basically a level editor that will mean users continue to supply you with testing chambers to play through. Forever.

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tdogchristy903275d ago

Anyone know if this will eventually come to consoles or when consoles will get more DLC besides the one that's already out?

Moncole3275d ago

It wont come to consoles.

Emilio_Estevez3275d ago

Typical Valve/Newell response, no answer. They announced this for PC and said nothing of the consoles.

Kran3275d ago

Because, by the looks of things, it was pretty much built with PC's in mind.

You cant blame them. PC will always be and always has been Valve's first choice.

Kran3275d ago

Oh Cave Johnson. How I love thee.

TheModernKamikaze3275d ago

Interface for creating seems good.

allyc4t3275d ago

Cave Johnson AKA J.K. Simmons is the spokesperson for Farmers Insurance. Hence all the talk of Farming at the beginning. Clever Valve.