No concrete date for Wii Ware launch, says Nintendo

WiiFanboy reports:Following yesterday's news of developer Engine Software's Project Bang! being the next title to hit Wii Ware, many were wondering what was up with the blurb about Wii Ware launching in March of this year. Personally, we'd like to see the service launch in March. It's as good a time as any for us.

But, Nintendo isn't willing to confirm or deny that is the launch window for their download service. "Nintendo has not made any official announcement regarding the launch of the WiiWare service," Nintendo commented. So, with no news on what exactly Project Bang! is and no solid launch date for Nintendo's service, we're left where we started. And that place is desperately waiting for the day we can download Dr. Mario on our Wii.

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Darkiewonder3932d ago

It'll be launching when Nintendo release their WiiWare titles!

Appo3932d ago

Well, of course!!! Unless it's like the EyeCreate, where they release the DLC, but don't make it available until a couple days later.

wiizy3932d ago

i think nintendo should let third parties and small developers use this the most. i think it will be launch in april

djt233932d ago

i want it to launch on feb but march is good

Appo3932d ago

March or April sounds good to me. It would be awesome if the FF game launched at the same time.