Sony To Reveal The Unfinished Swan?

Earlier it was confirmed that Sony's Santa Monica studio is preparing to reveal another PS3 exclusive next week, the evidence all points to The Unfinished Swan.

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majiebeast3556d ago

Could be great for a survival horror game and a whole new way of playing could even be a action puzzle game.

GamingPerson3556d ago

lol sounds like your talking about Amnesia: Dark Decent.

Liquid_Ocelot3556d ago

You've been to the TheRadBrad's channel too? ;)

badz1493556d ago

SONY is on fire! Keep those games coming SONY!

asmith23063556d ago

This sounds completely original and unique, painting the world as you move through it. Cant wait to see more! Sony are on fire with the announcements.

Megaman_nerd3556d ago

the vid got me interested when the black door appeared, if they add more scary elements like that I can bet this game will be another Journey (in success).

DigitalAnalog3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

This looks like a MOVE-exclusive title. May put off some people, but if they did that then it goes to show SONY is willing to place value on the motion control "gimmick" it seems to neglect.

Regardless, this feels like a very intense game. Right after he passes, the door I feel like throwing anymore of the paint would alert whatvever is making those eerie sounds. Sounds like a good way to immerse yourself in this game. 5.1 surround system here I COME!

-Gespenst-3556d ago

Looks spooky. The paint effects are a little bit lazy and the sounds a little bit repetitive and they sort of hurt the atmosphere a bit, but this looks like it could be a really interesting game.

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