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GamingPerson3341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

OMG! Looks like a win for the NIN!!!

Oldman1003341d ago

I laughed my ass off at the guy from 1:05-1:10 in the trailer.


"Oh wow! You get to use touch screen controls!"


"...And I don't. *sniffs*"

MaxXAttaxX3341d ago

The game looks awesome. Loved Origins.
The figures bit was kinda lame though. Do we have to buy those? I'll play the game as is.

Brosy3340d ago

Looks like an XBLA, PSN game. Probably a shameful $60 release. The controller is a complete gimmick. I'm not impressed by the Wii U so far.

MaxXAttaxX3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

Actually Rayman Origins was an excellent game. If this new one out does it, you can bet I'll be buying it on either PS3 or Wii U (or whatever I feel like lol).

I love 2D side-scrolling platformers. That's why I also think NewSMBWii is better than Galaxy 1/2, for example.

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TheTwelve3341d ago

Two observations:

1. There is magic in those graphics. Wow.

2. The WiiU controller is HUGE. Wow.


Sigh3341d ago

Anybody else noticed at the end of the trailer, they hinted at Assassin's Creed also making its appearance on the Wii-U with the Ezio Statue? Lol

RockmanII73340d ago

I was thinking that's a hint towards Ezio making a cameo in the next game, like how Ryu was supposed to make a cameo in Megaman Universe before it got cancelled.

ATi_Elite3340d ago

WiiU's AMD HD4000 series Gpu at work!

The new controller / scanner is Way cool!

I wonder what Magical surprises Zelda, Mario, Metroid WiiU will hold?

Moncole3341d ago

Wii U version is the best version

majiebeast3341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

For what useless touch screen capability ohh lookie i can use my finger to move this platform... Or the fact they can now make you buy 1 seperate figurine that probably cost 20$ instead of a 5$ dlc pack for 4 chars.

Next gen:Now introducing buy the main character figurine for your game only 20$ extra you place him on the screen and you unlock part of the game you already paid for, its becoming a joke dlc is becoming worse and worse and now they are making new forms of it. Just waiting for pregame dlc.

dark-hollow3341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

do you know what exactly the exclusive content is?
even if it didnt add much to the game, extra features never hurt.

besides, it looks like those figures unlock some kind of extra level or something?

StanSmith3341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

"For what useless touch screen capability"

So does that make Vita's touchscreen useless too? Afterall, you have to use that to throw grenades in Resistance and to swing on vines in Uncharted. Works both ways!

Don't be like Akuma, majiebeast.

*on topic* The game looks fantastic. If it is anything like Origins, i will be buying this day 1 on WiiU.

Moncole3341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

Extra features are always great. The PS3 version of Portal 2 is better than the xbox because it has an extra feature. ANd the PC version is the best because it will have a level editor.

Godmars2903341d ago

Does the PSV Resistance game require you to buy separate figurines in addition to the game?

I for one am an old fogy. I don't want motion controls, touch screens, social gaming and all else tacked onto what was once a simple platform title.

StanSmith3341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )


I don't disagree in regards to the figures. They look to be more for younger gamers. I myself don't want that junk piling up in my home. If i had kids, sure i'd buy a few for them, but i won't be buying them for myself.

The reason i mentioned Vita was nothing to do with these figures. I said it because he labelled the touchscreen as useless. This site seems to think something is useless when Nintendo or Microsoft do something but the moment Sony does it, it is useful. It's hypocritical. That was my point.

Personally i don't find the touchscreens useless on any of them. They both still have physical buttons. The touchscreens were always going to gimmicky for both, but they are gimmicks that actually enchance the gameplay rather than hinder it.

Godmars2903341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

Funny, thought I just called most modern gaming gimmicks useless regardless of brand. Its sad that we've become so polarized that you can't express an opinion without it being absently tied to something, which then gives lame excuse to dismiss it.

Mind you I'm dismissing the WiiU, the PSV for that matter, for their gimmickry, but then I'm more than kind of frustrated that its taken five years into "Next Gen" for some company to justify a "simple" platformer as main disc-based title. That "Next-Next Gen" crap is getting piled on because something that's out on the PS3/360 is going on the WiiU, and what's being added could easily be put on the other systems.

Gaming - arguing about it anyway - is just getting more and more stupid. Contrived.

TekoIie3341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

Your so boring.... people call this stuff gimmicky but if we all had access to all the features regardless of our platform we'd (guaranteed) love them!

Also anyone think we could do something similar to what they did with the figurines using kinect and PSeye???

closnyc3341d ago

hahaha a butthurt deadbox fan. stop posing son., you are as casual as those wii gamers. a real hardcore gamer is about ps3 and PC. not deadbox. even wii has better exclusives than your deadbox

Trunkz Jr3340d ago

Its probably a special edition like many games do like CoD gives out weird crap, here you'll probably get a PVC and instead of entering a code you just scan it, it's kinda a neat idea if you think about it, it makes ppl wanna pre-order and get physical + in-game content.

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CaptainPunch3341d ago

Really? You've played all versions of the game?

Moncole3340d ago

The Wii U version has an extra feature so it will make it the best version.

Shnazzyone3340d ago

The funny part is even though it's made clear that Ubi is making this the best version people are still claiming false. "we don't want all these fun additions!!! boooooo!"

Venox20083341d ago

Hell, now I want Wii U even more! I just want to know now if there's more than one usable Wii U controller on a console

SandWitch3341d ago

One controller per console, you can only use WiiMote controllers as addition

PopRocks3593341d ago

Nintendo has stated it may support at least two. But I'm fairly sure that all of the early dev kits (which no doubt off which this was based) only supported one.

CaptainN3341d ago

Youtube video was supposedly taken view video click my alternate source on IGN.

Yangus3341d ago

Rayman Legends awesome!
True game!
I like.