Devil May Cry 4 - TGS 06 Trailer

The trailer for Devil May Cry 4 shown at TGS.

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original seed5850d ago

Those Japanese sure do like to use alot of CGI but the actual gameplay also looked very good. I just might pick this game up if i get a PS3.

Capcom is doing great this GEN. They have two hits with Dead Rising, Street Fighter 2, soon to be Lost planet, Devil may Cry, and we all know Resident Evil is going to sell a but load. I like that Capcom is not only making sequels but also original IPs. I gotta give it to them.


Wow this game looks so gooooooooood!!!!! I wonder if there is a way i can get a PlayStation 3 next week if i would pay more for it!!! If anybody knows please let me know i cant wait til i get my hands on these puppy!!!