LionsGate: Piracy a major deciding factor for Blu-ray support

CNET writes:

"...I did get a chance to speak with the President and CEO at LionsGate, Steve Beeks. And while Beeks seemed like he had solid command over the finer points of the movie industry, I was interested to see why his studio chose Blu-ray over the alternative. Expecting the canned answer like, "well we thought it was the superior format and I'm happy to say we were right," you could imagine my surprise when the very first reason he gave was Blu-ray's piracy controls.

For those of you who don't know, Blu-ray's piracy controls - largely based on AACS, BD+ and BD-ROM Mark - is easily the most stringent format to date and has only partially been circumvented to this point...

Of course, I had to find out more..."

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lynx1halo3987d ago

Sure its pretty tough to crack.........BUT it has already "partially been circumvented" NICE......YOU CANT STOP THE BUMRUSH!!!!

Maddens Raiders3987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

it's about the MMMMOOOOONNNNNNEEEEEEYYYYYYY man. Later when BD is totally hacked in China for use in the next versions of the "Vii" and the "Winner", they'll be laughing this article up on their way to the coffers with large money filled steamer trunks.

wageslave3986d ago

HA! Nonsense.

Blue Ray is about ONE THING: DRM.

For the life of me, I dont understand how so many can be so foolish, buying into the MPAA Blueray scheme.


Le-mo3986d ago

Lol I hate Lionsgate film. But more studios joining the Blu-ray camp can't hurt.

Panthers3986d ago

I really like the first Saw, but other than that I hate horror movies and most Lionsgate movies. But like you said, another couldnt hurt. I just want this stupid format war to end.

Bladestar3986d ago

come on.. don't even go there... it will be hacked... NOT even controlled environments like DRM could prevent people from copying stuff... talk all you want just don't bet your balls on it.

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The story is too old to be commented.