Sleeping Dogs’ Fighting System Inspired By Tony Jaa Action Flick "The Protector"

"Siliconera sat down with the development team at United Front Games to talk about partnering with Square Enix and how United Front Games developed the combat system."

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4236d ago
Adexus4236d ago

Really looking forward to this!

Somebody4236d ago

Tony Jaa. The Jet Li(pre-Hollywood) of Thailand since both of them play the exact same characters in all of their movies : brooding, naive, unsmiling, almost-pious man who really doesn't want to get in trouble but possess the necessary skills to solve it.

Tony Jaa's movies are refreshing to watch since his martial art moves are pretty brutal.

4229d ago

Top 30 Best Open World Games of All Time – 2023 Edition

The past few years have seen some excellent open-world titles on top of the existing classics. Here are some of the very best that you should play.

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Nobodyreally11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

watching the video is better then going through 31 pages of gamingbolt.

LG_Fox_Brazil11d ago

Do they explain in the video why there are two numbers 3? Starfield and Tears of the Kingdom?

xeniate6d ago

It's always refreshing to see games embracing the streaming community.


Square Enix Sales Grow & Profit Drops YoY Following Release of Final Fantasy XVI & Pixel Remasters

Square Enix announced its financial results for the first half of the fiscal year, related to the period between April 2023 and September 2023.

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gold_drake25d ago

i mean listen, all their gaas bs is not necessary.

ever crisis could have been a 30 quid game, a turn based experience instead of a mobile game.
the new kh could also have been a 30 quid game, especially with their controller support.

but im pretty sure the biggest failure and loss was definitely with forespoken.

Obscure_Observer25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

"but im pretty sure the biggest failure and loss was definitely with forespoken."

Their biggest failure was going exclusive with Playstation. Doesn´t matter how hard you try and deny it, but to left both Xbox and Nintendo out was a big mistake.

To make things worse, Sony didn´t made an acquisition offer so now SE will be on their own dealing with the losses of massive investments on both production/development and marketing that simply didn´t pay out.

Fortunately the new CEO is a multiplatform supporter and SE might see better results in profit margin in middle term with both Xbox and Nintendo on board again.

Nyxus25d ago

"with higher sales year on year due to the launch of Final Fantasy XVI and the Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters,"

Read the article please. FFXVI was a success. And JRPGs sell horribly on Xbox. Why do you think their latest release, Star Ocean The Second Story R, is on everything but Xbox?

Abriael25d ago

Lol @ "Losses."

It's absolutely hilarious to see how many console warriors don't understand that declining profit still means that a company made a profit (and not a small one), and behave like they're in the red and need to be acquired to be saved from bankruptcy.

Square Enix made a *profit,* and a substantial one, as it did for the past several years.

These "losses" you're talking about are entirely fictional. 😂

shinoff218325d ago

Lol as if xbox gamers you know the ones that don't buy games would've been squares saving grace. Forspoken and ff16 probably wouldn't even run on the switch

Vengeance113825d ago

LMAO making up stories to fit your own narrative again?

Way to ignore the FACT that FF16 literally saved them. That makes you sad doesnt it? Knowing your wrong? Trying super hard to deny it? You will always be the biggest failure of N4G lol

Obscure_Observer25d ago

"Read the article please. FFXVI was a success."

I read:

"with higher sales year on year due to the launch of Final Fantasy XVI and the Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters, while profit dropped year-on-year due *higher development cost amortization and advertising costs.*"

Which games do you believe to have "higher development cost amortization and advertising costs"?

"And JRPGs sell horribly on Xbox. Why do you think their latest release, Star Ocean The Second Story R, is on everything but Xbox?"

Because the previous CEO was a blind and certified Blockchain and Playstation supporter who, among others equally poor decisions, sold SE´s western division for cheap! The new CEO Takashi Kiryu, has a more pragmatic view on gaming and SE will be bringing more games to Xbox! FFXIV is just the beginning!

shinoff218325d ago

Obscure your still ignoring the fact that xbox gamers don't buy games let alone jrpgs. Also the whole ps comment doesn't even make sense as switch has games from square not on Playstation. It's just an xbox thing

-Foxtrot25d ago

Mate, it's pretty obvious FFXVI missed out on Xbox because Square literally couldn't be arsed with Microsofts shitty parity rule for the Series S and X.

lucian22925d ago

wow your brain is dumb observer , lmaoooo

gold_drake25d ago

you say Nintendo and Xbox, but their games are so high end, that they wouldnt even run on the switch. and they'd have to make compromises due to the Series S.

and we know that they dont have a good relationship with xbox.

so your logic only makes half sense.

i agree that a multiplatform approach would make them more money, if it werent for the fact that their games dont sell on xbox. they never have.

final fantasy for example, is considered to be a playstation franchise, they sell the most on that platform.

also, exclusivity isnt just given free of charge. im pretty sure Sony paid them handsomely for it. and even had help from sony for 16 to run great on ps5.

andy8525d ago (Edited 25d ago )

Xbox, no. That 5% of sales was doing nothing. Switch could be argued but what 2012 looking game would we have gotten then? It'd have ruined it. And it was nothing to do with XVI in the first place

andy8525d ago

"SE will be bringing more games to Xbox, FFXIV is just the beginning". Sorry but how does porting a decade old game prove that. Where is Rebirth. And more to the point. Where is Remake part 1?

Hereandthere25d ago

Forspoken and ff16 can not run on xbox series s, its not worth the effort.

Stanjara25d ago

Last time I checked retailers are cutting down Xbox game sections, which indicates that Xbox players not only don't buy JRPGs, but they don't buy games in general.

New FF release going straight to GP for $5 mill I not happening.

Petebloodyonion25d ago

If Xbox gamers don't buy games then why Square released Final Fantasy Crisis Core reunion?
Why did Sony need to pay for FFXVI exclusivity?
Actually, why does any 3rd party company like WB, EA, Ubisoft, etc put their games on Xbox if Xbox gamers don't buy games?

badz14925d ago (Edited 25d ago )


xbox fans don't even buy their flagship games like Halo and Forza, why do you think they would be buying Final Fantasy?

"Sony didn´t made an acquisition offer..."

and seriously GTFO with your industry consolidation idea! not every dev and publisher should be bought by the big console makers! you're what's wrong with this industry!

FinalFantasyFanatic24d ago

Yes, the extra 100 sales from having the games on Xbox would have made a huge difference, probably.

Personally I think Square-Enix has gone from an amazing company to an overall meh company, they're still making bank anyway, even when games "fail to meet their expectations" (e.g. TWEWY NEO).

shinoff218324d ago

Pete ,talk to ms. They said it themselves.

andy8524d ago (Edited 24d ago )

@petebloodyonion using Crisis Core wasn't a great example as that only sold 5 or 6% on Xbox. And SE went directly to both Sony and Microsoft about FFXVI. It was only on Sony because MS didn't want it enough

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-Foxtrot25d ago

Kingdom Hearts is just a massive head scratcher to me

They finally have the chance to softboot the story and have it easier to understand but they are like "NAH...lets do an MMO game not many will play"

gold_drake25d ago

yea its .. a choice.

especially now that Nomura has such a .. not bad per se, but definitely A reputation due to his convoluted contribution that is KH.

FinalFantasyFanatic24d ago

I personally think they screwed up big time with KH3, not to mention how fragmented the game's story was over multiple hardware until recently, a soft reboot to begin a new saga would have been a good idea.

Nyxus25d ago

Good for FFXVI. Hopefully it keeps selling. As for the Pixel Remasters, they could probably have sold even more if they hadn't limited the amount of physical copies as much as they did. Not sure why they don't just do a reprint...