Rare: "No Comment" On Rumours Of Goldeneye Coming To XBLA

Rare has rather predictably refused to say anything about GoldenEye making its way to Live Arcade.

Rumours swept from an Xbox Evolved piece claiming Microsoft, Rare, and Bond licence holders Activision had agreed to offer it on the service.

If this does all turn out to be true, then you should apparently expect polished presentation and Live multiplayer from the N64 classic.

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DarkSniper3933d ago

Dark Sniper wonders how will the controls accomodate to the XBOX 360. Nintendo 64 was known for a rather unorthodox control pad that has extreme difficulties being emulated. Also, the liklihood of this game being ported to XBOX Live is slim to none as Nintendo may still have a stranglehold to this very title.


IQUITN4G3933d ago

It's funny how some people behave in forums.Lets hear it for Sniper and his entirely unique aproach to getting our attention.Bravo mate you are a star

kevoncox3933d ago

You forget that Rare could just update the control scheme. How does Sonic work on anolog sticks????

Simple. Just add camera controls to the right stick. and movement controls to the left stick Shoot becomes RT and I hope we can switch to exploses with LB and throw them with RB.

As far as the license nightmare. Please remember that Nintendo and MS worked together on GBA titles. This could have been included in those negotiations. Imagine if Ms releases this on the same day as Killzone...OMGzzz!!!!!!Teh K11zone Ki113r

TheSadTruth3933d ago

Um.. just copy halo's control scheme and remove the autoaim goldeneye is known for.

Also imo this confirms that Goldeneye is coming, otherwise they would have flat out said they are not working on it at this time.

Dark Sniper3933d ago

Dark Sniper has now realized that the controls will be a very easy transition, and that it will be the easiest change to the game in order for it to accomodate the best console of this generation, the XBOX 360. Dark Sniper cannot wait to play Goldeneye on Xbox Live.


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Bombomb3933d ago (Edited 3933d ago )

you trolling on a rumor, yet again...

DarkSniper - 08 Jan 2008 15:47
"One step foward, five steps backwards.
Goldeneye007 was officially the game that gave the birth of Dark Sniper. He equipped himself at all times with the character Alec Trevelyan and used his speed to evade any and all oppositions.

With that said, even Dark Sniper is delighted to hear that the greatest first person shooter may see a release on XBOX Live Arcade. Dark Sniper is also dissapointed not to see the mentioning of Killer Instinct in the mix of classic RARE titles to be revitalized. RARE has once again alienated the customer's demands by not placing Killer Instinct in an online realm for gamers to rekindle their 90's glory of gaming.

If Goldeneye is indeed ported to XBOX Live, Dark Sniper truly expects this game to actually outsell the garbage flagship title of console entitled Halo 3. Even Dark Sniper himself would play an XBOX 360 for Goldeneye."

Such Garbage...

DarkSniper3933d ago

Thank you for revisiting some of the great informative gospel that Dark Sniper is known for bringing to the N4G community.

Dark Sniper still does believe that if this game indeed is ported to XBOX Live, it will outsell the garbtrash, self proclaimed "AAA" shooter known as Halo 3.

Dark Sniper would personally like to acknowledge your efforts in reiterating Dark Sniper's comments in a valiant and successful attempt at informing the N4G community the absolute truth and gospel, which only is found within Dark Sniper and his Sony Snipers.


InYourMom3933d ago (Edited 3933d ago )

is a commenting joke and a PS3 droid troll. Just click the ignore button and minus a bubble so we can soon be rid of his last place lameness. I think even the PS3 fanboys hate him and that is saying a lot.

EDIT: And yes I do troll as well..

LJWooly3933d ago

I know DarkSniper is a bit sad, but you can't fault his sense of humour, and by getting angry at him, and responding to his comments, you're just giving him the satisfaction he wants.

Basically, by responding to his comments, you're making the joke funnier, and if you have a problem with that, then don't reply.

I like how he turned the 'extensive research' that Bombomb did right back around onto Bombomb, funny stuff.

Dark Sniper3933d ago

Dark Sniper would like to apologize to any N4G member who was offended by his previous posts. Dark Sniper was just trying to do the community a service by letting them know about all the wonderful and exciting features of the PLAYSTATION® 3 console. However, Dark Sniper realizes that the XBOX 360 is also a very good gaming console, with numerous AAA releases and an award-winning online service, and wishes the XBOX fans all the best in 2008.


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PS360WII3933d ago

Well who disagreed with Dark Sniper? Nintendo published the dang game that still means something in this industry you know.

As far as the controls I'm sure they fixed it for 2 sticks rather than 1 stick and 4 buttons. I mean that's kind of somthing they would take into consideration.

Milkman5413933d ago

Ok, this is news? No comment on Goldeneye...Is this serious?...Come on...It was a good game back in the day but now? And if you wanna play it you can download an emulator and play it that way..

toughNAME3933d ago

no comment =

- were working on it


- its done...its coming


- sh!t thats a good idea..too bad we cant

Kwertie3933d ago

Don't get your hopes up. Goldeneye was developed at such times as when Rare was half owned by Nintendo, effectively making it partial Nintendo property. If that wasn't enough for you, it was programmed to run on Nintendo hardware, and I don't see Nintendo allowing MS to emulate the N64.

Exhaust3933d ago

We all know the Donkey Kong games were retained by Nintendo but obviously Perfect Dark wasn't so what makes you so certain Goldeneye didn't come with Rare? IP's transfer during the buyout talks.

Sounds like you're just trying to poo poo the idea GUESSING as to how the transfer of the company took place. No one except for MS, Rare and Nintendo know for sure. STFU

PS360WII3933d ago (Edited 3933d ago )

Exhaust. Isn't N4G for comments and for peoples ideas of what might be happening in the idustry? Kwertie is just asking if Goldeneye was developed by Rare and published by Nintendo why would it just easily be on XBLA? That's it. Wasn't saying it's not possible and not going to happen. Just wondering about all the back-door politics into account. Maybe you are poo pooing the idea that it won't be on XBLA and you should stfu. Yet I wouldn't say that because we are all entitled to our views on the subject at hand which is why we are all on N4G.

LJWooly3933d ago

Right on, PS360Wii. You hit the nail on the head, and therefore bubbles.

GodsHand3933d ago

If thats the case when microsoft bought rare, why cant gears of war come out on another system other then xbox, since that company was bought as well.

Exhaust3933d ago


"Goldeneye was developed at such times as when Rare was half owned by Nintendo, effectively making it partial Nintendo property."

Stated as fact when its a uninformed guess.

What are you the forum police or something? Thank you defender of forum free speech... Sorry STFU hurt your feelings. Its not like I meant it literally or like I actually expect him to shut up. This place is fanboy central so most likely he wants to sh1t on the idea because he doesn't like the 360.

Like yourself I own all three consoles. I try to keep an open mind to all platforms. Unless he has an inside source he has no idea whether Nintendo owns half of Goldeneye.

You didn't even respond to the point in my comment. Donkey Kong Country stayed with Nintendo but obviously Perfect Dark didn't so how is anyone to know about Goldeneye. Plus its a licensed IP making it even more unlikely Nintendo owns a piece of it.

PS360WII3933d ago

hey there (waves white flag) sorry about that. No I'm not the forum police and frankly would not want the job for it'll be waaay to much work ;)

Granted I didn't respond to your point of Perfect Dark and Conkers going to Xbox for I was more focused in on your rather spiteful remarks. You may have felt you were level headed but when I was reading it you just seemed like a very angry man that's all.

In the end I just want this 'port' (if you call these emulators ports) out on the consoles whichever one.

Sorry to have russled your feathers man didn't mean to.

LJWooly3933d ago

PS360Wii, you've been nothing but reasonable on this site, and therefore you have my respect.

Keep it up, mate :)

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