PSN Store Update - 10th January 2008

Details just in of the store update for the PlayStation Network. The UK gets the new Motorstorm Eagle's Nest and Diamondback Speedway track pack, and a couple of PlayStation 1 games. The U.S.A gets a little DLC for Rock Band, and Japan already has the Yakuza 3 demos.

United Kingdom

-Hardcore 4x4 (PS1) - 3.49 pounds?
-N20 (PS1) - 3.49 pounds?

-Folklore - Pigly Pack - free
-MotorStorm - Eagle's Nest and Diamondback Speedway track pack - 3.49 pounds?

-Bionic Commando
-DMC4 - "TGS 2007 2"
-PixelJunk Monters

-DMC wallpapers (4 of them)

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techie3938d ago

US DLC is yet to be revealed.

Marceles3938d ago

I hope the US DLC is pretty's starting to remind me of how the store updates used to be a little after launch

StalkingSilence3938d ago

it is keeping a placeholder for US PSN content. it makes it look like there is none, when really they just don't know what will be released yet.
since motorstorm has international servers and both EU and JPN got 2 new tracks, I can imagine US will get the same. But we don't really know of any other content for sure yet.

StalkingSilence3938d ago

if is to be trusted...

Crash Bandicoot 2: Wrath of Cortex
Mesmerize: Distort
More NFS: Pro Street Content
Folklore content
Updated Super Stardust HD
3 New Rock band Songs
Kane & Lunch Demo
Trailer: First Sunday movie (ugh)
Game movie: another Burnout movie
Trailer: Spiderwick chronicles (trailer II)

lovedaddy3938d ago

Are they taking the **** or what, where the hell is everyday shooter, blast factor addon, puzzle fighter etc

Reccoshai3938d ago

This update is as useless as last week! come on sony you got to step up!

BlackCountryBob3938d ago

Where are pain and bowling? Come on Sony sort it out

I might get the Yakuza demo from Japan though, never played it before but looks OK!

RacingX3938d ago

I hope you know your Kanji, because its VERY text heavy, I tried it a bit last night, I just stopped after 10 min of text conversation, making decisions I didn't know and little action up to that point. I'm not saying the game stinks, but if you don't know Japanese its probably not going to be a hoot.

RIPHDDVD3938d ago

well. i just downloaded the free Folklore Pigly Pack. lol funny looking folk.

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The story is too old to be commented.