What is the Best Rhythm Based franchise?

Well the rhythm genre has always existed, but it seems as if within the last few years they are close to reaching their pinacle. Rhythm games are no longer just a fad, but a genre much like RPG's and shooters with an extremely strong player base.

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taz80803961d ago

I think RockBand took rhythm based games ot the next level

kornbeaner3961d ago

I have to go with DDR. This game was played by everyone and I mean EVERYONE while the trend was there. At first there was no playing and hiding the fact that you played this game, because the only way to play it was at the Arcade. So it had to be played in public and nobody cared that is the sign of a great game. DDR started it all, Guitar Hero mainstreamed it and now Rock Band is taking it beyond what was ever expected from this genre.

taz80803961d ago

@kornbeaner - 100% agreed! well put my friend. I think DDR was the first one to put the genre out there and had people watching kids jumping around on pads.

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