PS3 moves well ahead with digital downloads

European gamers get to download the most recent of releases a day after it hits retail, a step in the right direction for digital downloading full games?

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RaidensRising2457d ago

MS are focusing their efforts elsewhere but for how long?

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

Who cares? I thought it was all about Blu-ray, lmao.

Below: Nope, because I'll have a Wii-U...try harder, lol.

BitbyDeath2456d ago

Will you still be trolling Blu-ray nextgen when MS has it?

Solid_Snake372456d ago

lol a wii u? Please, If you're going to troll, at least try to do it correctly.

ShadesMoolah2457d ago

Quite a shocker really considering MS once pushing On Demand so hard in the past.

bunt-custardly2457d ago

In other news, Microsoft don't care and are quite happy with the months of delay and full pricing for its Games on Demand.

bunt-custardly2457d ago

Oh the disagrees? Microsoft aren't happy about the delay and full pricing then. My bad.

Morgue2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

Don't know why you got disagrees. Considering they are still selling games for $20 that you can get used for $9.99 or lower.

Rip Off

Legendary $20.00??? Pfffftt

Siren302457d ago

Not worth it if you have to pay more money

Sanetoshi2457d ago

I wish this was more common on the Xbox. As someone who once lived in a small town, you don't always have a game store within reasonable driving distance, meaning getting a new game when it releases simply isn't always feasible, even if you really want to support it. You could order it online, but it's one degree of extra effort people aren't always in the mood to put up with, plus the wait until it arrives.

fossilfern2457d ago

I would perhaps download more games digitally if they marked the price correctly. Iv seen some games go for about £50 while I could go on the internet and get them for £30.

Thought the whole point of Digital Distribution was to cut on manufacturing costs and passing them savings onto the customer ?

darthv722457d ago

one of the driving forces behind retail is competition. Stores offering the same item at competitive prices to bring in customers. Unfortunately the digital distribution somewhat removes that competition from the picture.

MS/Sony servers host the files and therefore it isnt like you could download a 360 game from gamestop or walmart. That may work for PC titles but not console titles. At best the way to get the digital copies for less would be to get the download cards from retailers.

As an example, I picked up alan wake for $8 from Amazon. The card was mailed to me and I used the code to download the game from xbox live while at the same time that game was still selling for over $15 at retail as well as live.

Some retailers are able to buy up the digital download cards and sell them cheap if need be. You just need to know where to look. Its no different than retailers offering live memberships for less than what MS is asking.

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The story is too old to be commented.