Nintendo's Top 5 'To Do' List - The Features Gamers Need in 2008

CVG writes, "To be fair, Nintendo had a pretty easy 2007. It rode the crest of an unstoppable wave, pushed on by the momentum of a mammoth marketing campaign that brought gaming to our mums and dads. 2008, however, could be a different story."

"From the online modes to the battery life right through to the much-hated Friend Codes, Nintendo has a long way to go before making Wii as intuitive and accessible as its marketing campaigns suggest. For a start our parents wouldn't have a clue, but maybe that's just ours."

"Because we love Wii, we'd thought we'd give Nintendo a little push in the right direction and suggest five things that need to be done in 2008."

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wiizy3986d ago

just say to be honest.. nintendo was the only smart console maker in 07.. and this whole generation