DailyGame Previews Yakuza 3

DailyGame writes:

"When SEGA slyly dropped not one but two demos of Yakuza 3 on the Japanese PlayStation Network, we here at the DailyGame bunker brushed off that trusty Japanese account, gave Toro and Kuro the night off, and hunkered down for some Yakuza 3 game-playing and note-taking to bring to our readers on this side of the Pacific."

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Rikitatsu3987d ago

If not the best! the Art style is amazing, The city is soo alive, The Combat is Deep for those who know it, but some people are button mashers so they Say its not deep -___-" , the mini games are addicting namely the horse archery one, Motion Captured Cutscenes , with highly detailed Facial Expressions , Voice acting is Perfect!!

lodossrage3987d ago

Judging by videos and pictures, the game does look enjoyable to me. I just wish there was a U.S. demo so I can judge a bit more thoroughly

duarteq3987d ago

I tried the demo and i must tell i have felt something nostalgic. reminds me a little the great SHENMUE. gonna buy this game.