Hickey and Pachter talk Blu-ray and PS3

From PS3 Fanboy:

"Analysts. They say the funniest things. Two analysts have made their thoughts on Warner's choice to abandon the HD DVD camp very clear indeed. Both see this development as only being a good thing for, not only Blu-ray but, as a result, the PS3."

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TANOD3935d ago (Edited 3935d ago )

whether you talk about gaming / entertainment /electronics or just about any field


PS3 has the best game of 2007----UNCHARTED an AAA title too. same goes to Ratchet another AAA

UNCHARTED averages at 90% on GR. Ratchet at 89%

why would i buy x360 when i have PS3?

why would i buy a cheap DVD player over a BD player when the BD player costs slightly a bit more than the DVD player.

(actually x360 costs more. elite costs 450$ and 40gig PS3 costs 400$)

x360 has no wifi
no HDMI 1.3 support


x360 has no games basically

X360 has GEARS . We have UT3. Gears is also on PC too.


However after playing UNCHARTED why would i play any game on x360.

UNCHARTED kills not only graphically inferior X360 games but also PS3 games.

UNCHARTED has lifelike enemy AI too

BrianC62343935d ago

I have to agree with both of them. And anyone thinking about buying a Blu-ray player right now should just buy a PS3. Even if you aren't a gamer. It's really the only Blu-ray player ready for profile 2.0. And it's the easiest player to upgrade. Plus, the non-gamers might see a game or two they want to try out in the future. I know a lot of car nuts who bought a PS2 just for GT3.

MailMan3935d ago

Jump OUT and Play B3YOND

THAMMER13935d ago

What is wrong with owning both a 360 and a PS3.

You can get the best of both worlds. The extra perk is you look less like a fan boy loser.

360 had the platinum AAA list games and PS3 has the bet of tinsel town A list HD movies.

Gaara_7243935d ago

of course it will help the ps3

jorellpogi3935d ago

The death of HDDVD will create a surge in PS3 sales. PS3 is the best and affordable BD player on the market.

eagle213935d ago

99.9% chance it will! Good times will last long too.

mistertwoturbo3935d ago

People who truely believe that it won't help PS3 sales need to wake up and smell reality.

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