Samsung will continue to produce DUO Blu-ray/HD DVD players

South Korean Samsung made it clear at their CES press conference that they would not abandon HD DVD just yet.

A Samsung spokesperson said that "Samsung was surprised by Warner´s decision to exclusively support Blu-ray but that it will continue producing the dual-format player if market demand warranted."

"I don't think we can preface that the format war is over," said Kevin Morrow, marketing director of Samsung´s HD players. "There are still a number of companies involved and will continue to support HD DVD."

"There is still that HD DVD market segment that is not going to go away immediately, and I don´t know if it ever will," he continued. He also made it clear that they still would have announced their latest Duo HD player, the BD-UP5500, had they known about Warner Bros. in advance.

Source: Home Media Magazine

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Meus Renaissance3986d ago

But who will buy these duo-players when most of the stuff is now on Blu-Ray? It's nonsense. How much do these cost anyway?

whengeeksgobad3986d ago

there are approximately 1 million HD-DVD owners out there and quite a few of them are probably thinking about going combo player at this point, just waiting for the price to drop. The rest are very likely waiting for BR 1.1 or 2.0 player below $200.00, so the combo market will thrive for the next year or so very likely.

LJWooly3986d ago

Who would buy a player anyway? Just buy a PS3, its a nobrainer when it comes to value for money.

whengeeksgobad3986d ago

Who would buy a player? People not interested in a console, thats who. There are LOTS of movie loving adults who don't need LAIR, RFOM, or anything else. Why buy a console for $400, when most players will end up being much less? I think the ps3 is a great console/player but its not for everyone.

Most everyone I know bought a regular DVD player, NOT a ps2 to watch movies on it.

LJWooly3986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )

I know what you're saying, but the PS2 was significantly more expensive than a DVD player when it came out and wasn't as good as most DVD players. The PS3, on the other hand, is only about £50 more than the cheapest Blu-Ray player, and is arguably the best Blu-Ray player, due to firmware updates to the player functionality.

whengeeksgobad3986d ago

No arguments here, the PS3 *IS* the best BR player you can buy because its upgradeable (another gripe I have with BR is the lack of standards and how it hurts the consumer so I will personally buy a PS3.

Now that the format war may be over though, many others will jump in and make competitively priced BR players at a much lower price point than the ps3, and just like with DVD, their feature sets will continue to grow as the price lowers. You are 100% correct on nearly all fronts. I just personally believe that the ps3 did its part for the format war, it won it. Now its very likely going to be the least popular of the BR players as soon as everyone else (other CE manufacturers) get the party. It is a fact that most ps3 owners don't even know that it plays BR, hence why the average ps3 owner owns .6 movies. As soon as standalone players really take off at affordable prices, they will slaughter the ps3 in terms of player sales.

digger183986d ago

I would defiantly say the PS3 is the best Blu-Ray player around, what with it being firmware upgrade able.

I know of 3 people who have just brought a PS3 for just movies (my parents included), that will never play games on it. Even my neighbor, who is 83 brought one :)

OMG 360 RUL3Z0RZ FTW3986d ago

So you think HD-DVD owners should just throw away their movie purchases then? Don't bother trying to play movies they bought already? That is probably going to be the main reason for buying one of these combo players.

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unsunghero283986d ago

Very few people are going to pay the extra cash for a duo drive at this point. I don't see why we can't all go Blu and make life easier for ourselves.

UnblessedSoul3986d ago

They was stupid enough to make duo in the first place at the very least a month it will all be blu-ray

Darkiewonder3986d ago

Really. Pay more to just play Blu-ray movies?

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