Nintendo reports first annual loss, forecasts profit

Blast Magazine: Relax. Nintendo is still making money!

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Shok3378d ago

So they ended up losing less money than expected. Nice.

Nintendo has been un-doomed for the 50th time now. (Not that they've been actually doomed to begin with)

Moncole3378d ago

ANd it was the first in 30 years.

Mikhail3378d ago

I would not put it solely on their hardware sales. The Yen and the European economy has more weight on it. I wonder when t5he global economy will improve.

kneon3378d ago

The world economy has yet to hit bottom, it's only going to get worse. There is still more feces to strike the rotating air movement device.

vortis3378d ago (Edited 3378d ago )

You're absolutely right. And with the way some companies are behaving *cough*Capcom*cough* *cough*EA*cough* they're making it like consumers are infinitely indisposal forms of revenue, which is not true.

Right now the gaming industry is sustaining itself but too much top-heavy greed and there will be a collaspe, which will make the world's economy even worse (given that a lot of developing countries are relying on the expansion of the gaming industry right now, giving people in far off countries job opportunities they never had before, especially with people like Game Power 7 creating healthy employment opportunities in the Middle-East and African territories).

LX-General-Kaos3378d ago

Nintendo did take a nasty hit, but is already clearly on track to recover from this minor speed bump in the road. Nintendo has stated to be making a profit on each Nintendo 3DS entertainment system sold come this august. If the Nintendo 3DS entertainment system sells as amazingly as it is now around that time and forward, Things will be back to normal for all things Nintendo.

That combined with the Launch of the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system will land a major role in once again lining Nintendos innovative pockets with gold. Nintendo will be fine and gaming will not fall due to the survival of the grandest gaming company in history.

There are still many new rewarding exclusive offerings arriving and in stores now for your Nintendo 3DS entertainment system wherever games are sold. The show must go on.

Have a blessed day and happy gaming.

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the_bebop3378d ago

Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance comes out in July and I have yet to by a 3DS I am hoping for a bundle version for it.