Gaming With Your Brain On – Video Game Theory and Analysis

JD at The POW Block said: "Since this is my first post for The POW Block, I decided to sort of set the stage for the things I’m going to be discussing here. As a literature major with an intensive background in video games and gaming culture, a blog dealing with analyzing the theoretical framework of games seems to be the perfect blend of my talents and interests. Forewarning: I hope to melt your f***ing brain."

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Hitster3140d ago

This shit is fresh. I can't wait to read more from you. If more games are viewed in an academic light then we might be able to free ourselves from the stigma most FOX viewers have.

Andrew Wiggin3139d ago

Freed from the shackles of FOX forever!!!

Hitster3138d ago

lol right, that is something that needs to happen.

NosoleeToxin3140d ago

I'm looking forward to reading more from the author of this post.

Hicken3138d ago

Great article. Can't wait to read more.