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Nitrowolf22392d ago

"Make it right"
That teaser was terrible. Weren't for the titles in the video I would have dismissed this as some poorly done fan made video of some random thing.

Not ripping on the game, just this marketing. Talk about extremely low production value, worse then Sy-Fi

Omar912392d ago

yeah that was pretty bad

Peppino72392d ago

I actually don't have high expectations for this game. What a shame considering its supposed to be a Metal Gear game. :-\

kamruk2392d ago

On top of that they just set them selves up for all the hate with that title.

FlameBaitGod2392d ago

Hideo Kojima must be crying right now

Omar912392d ago

that......was......stupid. Worst production value ever

coolman2292392d ago

Yeah, they should make it right. With stealth!

Dark112392d ago

soon you will have MGS5 for that
but now it is all about action!!! oh yeah baby !!!

MysticStrummer2392d ago

The only way to make it right, and make me interested in the game, is to kill Raiden five minutes into the story and let a brand new Snake clone take over for the rest of the way with traditional MGS gameplay.

NeXXXuS2392d ago

That was worse than the word "terrible."

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