No More Heroes - Another Wii Flop?

It's one of the most promising looking titles for the Wii, yet Grasshopper's No More Heroes appears to have flopped at retail in Japan.

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Maddens Raiders3932d ago

*shakes head* why would anyone buy this console? Oh yeah, the promise of something better. Nintendo deserves every penny bilked from the hordes of casual followers suckered into that "vision". Ridiculous.

Cacolaco3932d ago

I have to say I felt sorry for those guys doing that launch event and having nobody show up.

I think the game looks interesting and, if I owned a Wii, I would give it a try.

Exhaust3932d ago

why should anyone think it will be different this time? Every generation they come out saying this time will be different and it never is. Even when they sell alt of system third parties still can't make any money.

We'll see how it does in America and Europe. If it flops then the Wii fanboys can't say its because of tastes in Japan.

TheTwelve3932d ago

I said it before, and I'll say it again: This will be the best game that nobody plays of 2008.


PS360WII3932d ago

Well for the sake of argument no Suda51 game sold. So flop is a relative term for his games. Going by his past games it sold nicely for just being released in Japan so far.

Wii software sales are increasing and doing very well. 3rd parties do have a few million sellers on the Wii.

I'll be buying No More Heros when it comes out and I'll be playing the heck out of it.

Oh and Madden people buy the Wii for it offers something the others can't and has great games that cannot be done on the other consoles. You guys like to focus on the short comings when the quality still outweights the bad.

Maddens Raiders3932d ago

you seem pretty even handed, and I have no beef w/ you at all, but I have to ask you to please take off your Wii politician hat and give a clear and subjective answer. You own all three systems right? Please tell me on average how much time you spend playing wii compared to the PS3 and XBox360? Is it even playing time among all you play one more than the other? Is the Wii dominant over all other electronic gaming entertainment in your home and if so, what are you playing on it night after night, day after day? Just curious.

PS360WII3932d ago (Edited 3932d ago )

Actually as of right now it's pretty even play time with the PS3 and Wii. I've been playing GHIII on the Wii (finally getting use to Hard mode), Zack & Wiki, and Fire Emblem has been taking up a good chunck of the time. PS3 I keep wanting to play Uncharted again, and Everyday Shooter I'll usually play a few rounds on, and I'm trying to finish Folklore up. As for 360 I'm waiting on the new games to come out. That's me for the consoles as of right now.

edit: oh and yea I have no beef with you either I just get tired of Wii bashing so much because it really is a fun console and has games that gamers want to play (in my opinion of course ^.-)

Maddens Raiders3932d ago

everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I respect yours. The fact that you took the time to answer my question I give props. I guess my excitement level is metered so high, that my threshold for tolerating Wii games is simply non-existant. That's just me, but on a whole I wonder how many people feel the same and would like to have some demographic data on just who is buying this system and why. I mean if Nintendo can keep selling the way it is (Wii-wise) and the people are content on getting first party titles ever so often whilst third party devs get shafted, then it really doesn't matter what the system specs are. I just wonder how much longer this trend and pace can continue.

Night4ll3932d ago

There's no point arguing with these guys... a lot of people have made up their mind that the Wii isn't hardcore enough... Arguing with them is like telling a religious person there is no God.

I completely agree with you though... 3rd parties are making money from Wii, and not just with mini games... resident evil 4 and resident evil umbrella chronicles have both done extremely well, because capcom put the effort in making the games work with the Wii strengths. Red steel even though it wasn't that good has passed the million mark. Guitar hero III also has passed the million mark and also sold more on Wii than on PS3. So anyone who thinks that 3rd parties aren't making money on Wii just don't want to see the truth.

I have a PS3 and a Wii, and I enjoy both consoles... I enjoy the Wii a little bit more because I feel like I'm getting a completely different experience than I was getting last gen. I'm not a nintendo fan boy, because the only nintendo console I've owned before the Wii was the N64.

What happened in Japan with No More Heroes is a big shame, but just to remind everyone, Sony and Microsoft software aren't selling that well in Japan either (they barely make top 20 lists). It seems the Japanese have different tastes in games now, and it's not just on Wii. I hope the game sells better in the west, and I definitely will pick this up...

People shouldn't be so narrow minded when it comes to consoles, otherwise they will just miss out on some really great games. I think the time for bashing the Wii is over, it has proven itself. It has done what nobody thought it would do, for longer than anyone thought possible, why? because it truly offers fun and unique gaming experiences. The Wii is a breath of fresh air for gamers, and it doesn't take anything away from the other systems.

Finally even if you don't like a console, don't buy it, but at the same time what is the point of bashing it... let people enjoy their systems. I always see people bashing the Wii on this site, and I bet a lot of these people don't have even have the system. I don't have a 360 but that doesn't automatically make it a bad system...

There are a lot of immature people on this site... to those people...

ChickeyCantor3932d ago (Edited 3932d ago )

" then it really doesn't matter what the system specs are."
you sure want to be laughed @ dont you?
you have bashed the Wii mainly for its specs.

Even then you would bash it!
Ugh gamers never know what they want!

PS360WII3932d ago

oh for sure. I don't think even Nintendo believes they can keep selling the Wii like it is now. Which is why they are keeping production at 1.8/month and not contracting out more factories to make more parts.

It is kind of upsetting that 3rd parties for the most part are getting the scraps in terms of sales. That has to deal with N64 and GC though. If you've been a Nintendo fan for the past Sony eras then you really only had Nintendo games to separate your console from the others. They just aren't use to having different games to buy lol.

Maddens Raiders3932d ago (Edited 3932d ago )

laughed at for what? The main reason I haven't been interested in the Wii is system specs. My comment was basically saying that if people (like yourself) are willing to overlook the fact that the their mainly going to enjoy the "best of" Nintendo only (take Soul Calber 4 for ex.) then it doesn't matter, because people are just willing to (((wait))) for Nintendo to release the big guns. I'm not going to do it, but apparently people are willing to do so. That's why I would like to know the main demographic (age, game) of purchasing. If you're going to try and pick a flame fight at least be logical. Cry a river? Dude I would never cry for anything this trivial. You're silly. =]

ChickeyCantor3932d ago (Edited 3932d ago )

you have been bashing me and calling me Nintendo fanboy while i'm one of the Few getting all 3 consoles.
Flame fight? look @ your first post you are trolling the Wii boards like hell.

So you aren't going to wait, is that a reason for to look down @ the Wii?
just look up your comments from mid-2007 you have bashed the hell out of it, trolling the boards and you ask me if I'm starting a flame fight?[ even insulting wii-owners for that matter ]
Who is the one mentioning my name in his post and claim that the Wii is only for 12 year old?
Again who is trying to flame fight?
trivial right? mister hypocrite.

Don't change your arguments because look @ your first comment here you tried bashing it, i would love to argue/have a debate with you in a normal way but don't go play innocent.

Its the Wii bashing for no good reason i'm against and you are being a part of it, I would not even care if the Wii loses but saying i'm shigi's right-hand man and crap like that isn't going to help anyone/anything.
So again i'm starting a Flame fight?

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ChickeyCantor3932d ago

it flopped because they made stuff for the wrong demographic it just shows that japanese folks are not on the same line as America or EU for that matter.

it will sell better in America or Europe.

go cry a rivier.
This article is a joke, you know damn well that the japanese have a different taste for entertainment.

Luca Blight3932d ago

which is why Wii Sports, Wii Fit and SMG (great game) are the only ones selling. That's what happens when you go extreme casual... I'll buy this game though - I think Famitsu (or Play) gave it a great review.

killer_trap3932d ago

i don't think an extremely casual gamer could finish mario galaxy. and if he did then i won't categorize him as casual. hell I'll embrace him and say"welcome to hardcore land".

HardcoreGamer3932d ago

only just come out man, jeeeeze, just wait it will out sell everything soonn, ok that was a joke,

but im sure it will sell ok, there are loads of wiis sold in japan

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