Crysis 2 is "unacceptable" for German Computer Game Award, says German Government

In a press release, the CDU/CSU parliamentary group has strongly criticized the nomination of Crysis 2 at the German Computer Game Award. 'The CDU / CSU parliamentary group distances itself from the decision of the independent jury, to nominate Crysis 2 in the category of 'Best German Game'' For CDU/CSU Crysis 2 is a so-called killer game. 'We consider this nomination unacceptable', a spokesman said.

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Jacobite3434d ago

Culture what culture, EU destroys a nations culture.

MAJ0R3433d ago

A government is commenting on stuff like this? Wow socialism sucks.

Patriots_Pride3433d ago

Trolling has become more than just for gamers and nerds.

Zha1tan3433d ago (Edited 3433d ago )

After WWII Germany has become such a Nanny state in some frail sense of reasoning it will somehow redeem them if they ban violence and anything to do with war.

Dark_Overlord3433d ago

Yep, can't believe how strict they are on war and violence, yet when it comes to porn.... anything goes :/

wallis3433d ago

Hey! There's no evidence that exposing children to footage of women inserting traffic cones into themselves can result in harm. To the children of course. The woman is just a mess afterwards...

kasasensei3433d ago

German governement is unacceptable for German Gamers!

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