Have you got Wii-itis?

Doctors have reported that more people each day are complaining of aches and pains in the arms and shoulders after playing the Nintendo Wii.

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wiizy3934d ago

have people been that lazy that a game system is causing that much problems

wageslave3934d ago

After about 10 minutes, everyone sits down and plays with only wrist motion.

this is a stupid article.

lawgone3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

Has anyone heard anything about when the Wii will be in stock at stores? It's now after the holidays and I'm wondering when it will be commonly available. I've looked all over the internet but can't find any stories about it other than ones linking you to wiitracker websites. I don't want to have to run one down. I want to know when I can walk in to a Best Buy or Gamestop and know they'll have one for $250. Anyone heard anything? Thanks!

(Sorry this is slightly off topic.)

dvx uk3934d ago

shouldnt be too long i'd imagine!

The Wii certainly keeps us gamers fit :p

lawgone3933d ago

LOL...someone disagreed with me for asking a question.

Wii60PS3DSPSP3933d ago

No pain no gain...

lazy ass pansies