CES 2008: New MGS4 Cam Gameplay

A video found on YouTube features some gameplay of Metal Gear Solid 4.

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P4KY B3961d ago (Edited 3961d ago )

it all looked a bit awkward.

what i'm saying is that the action didn't seem to flow as nicely as Assassins Creed.

edit:- to the people who disagreed. I'm not taking about the graphics or the gameplay. I'm talking about the animation, the movements of the character.
AC might not be the best GAME ever, but anyone who says it doesn't have the best animation is a fool.

Rikitatsu3961d ago

But the Guy Playing Sucks

riqued3961d ago

At least he was trying to play stealth...

RIPHDDVD3961d ago

do you expect high quality?

Marceles3961d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

Assasin's Creed...MGS...Assasin's Creed...MGS........sigh* shakes head*

Snake was getting mowed down on the video. He actually made the AI look really smart.

edit: "AC might not be the best GAME ever, but anyone who says it doesn't have the best animation is a fool."

I guess we're all fools

destroyah3961d ago

you're comparing it to this legendary franchise? you're just as big of a retard as the idiot playing in that video

felidae3961d ago

wow dude! you compare AC to MGS4 .. and you haven't even played MGS4! wow!

AC is a 70% game .. at best!

have you ever seen or played Uncharted?? this game has the best graphics and animations ever. you feel like you're controlling a real human.

Metal Gear Solid is Metal Gear Solid .. why animations like in AC or Uncharted? the game has it's own unique style.

so please, .... psssst!

btw. i think MGS4 looks absolutely fantastic .. typical for a ps3 exclusive game!

Blademask3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

It should, It cycles through 300 of them per character.

Ass Creed is Ass when it comes to anything technical. Its pretty much a flawed terrible game.

I guess all reviewers/anyone with common sense = fools.

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THC CELL3961d ago

this game will rock ps3

destroyah3961d ago (Edited 3961d ago )

they always look so bad

pwnsause3961d ago

try stage 6, Divx videos FTW!

mullet3961d ago

What was he trying to do? Was this his first time playing a video game because that was sad.

Marceles3961d ago

Snake: "Ah...ugh ugh....ugh ugh ugh...ugh ugh....Agh..."

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