Logitech shares surge on talk of Microsoft bid

Shares in Swiss-based computer peripherals maker Logitech International SA rose over 12 percent on Thursday amid speculation Microsoft Corp would launch a takeover bid, traders said.

A Logitech takeover would transform Microsoft, the world's largest software firm, into the world's largest maker of computer mice and other peripheral devices and deepen its push into hardware.

"Supposedly, Microsoft is supposed to be taking over Logitech, offering 48 francs a share. Then the mouse-maker would be worth around 10 billion francs," said one trader.

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mighty_douche3932d ago

they offer quality at reasonable prices, that will all come to an end if M$ get their greedy hands on them!


BrianC62343932d ago

Please somebody. Anybody. Don't let this deal go through. Logitech is too good of a company to have this happen. Who will compete with Microsoft's devices? Soon the peripheral market will have nothing worth buying and it will be a bunch of expensive and crappy mice and whatever. The market needs someone out there not named Microsoft.

ravinash3932d ago

God NO!
I buy Logitech products so I can stay away from MS.
Plus Logitech make good mice.

This sucks!!!!

I hope this isn't an indication of Bills hopes of making mice and Keyboards a thing of the past.

sypen3932d ago

Oh god please no, dont less MS ruin a rather good company.

prodg523932d ago

i have a logitech bluetooth ps3 keyboard with the square,x,o, and triangle buttons maped on it. After this deal we probably wont see ps3 periferals anymore:(

BrianC62343932d ago

That would be horrible too since Logitech makes great steering wheels. I hope this isn't allowed to happen. Maybe Google will see a good business to buy and swoop in and steal Logitech. I'd rather see them buy Logitech. And that sure would make Microsoft mad. We just can't have Microsoft owning the peripheral market.

Maybe Sony can buy Logitech.

socomnick3932d ago

Didn't logitech make that awesome ps2 steering wheel for grand turismo.

WilliamRLBaker3932d ago

lets see microsoft makes some great hardware like mice and keyboards nearly all of their products garner 7-10 scores.

they make pretty good ethernet bridges, and controllers I dont think i've ever heard of a problem with the controller infact I think their 360 controler is heraled as a marvel.

All this means is an successful and marvelous hardware devision and a successful and marvelous (yet expensive as hell) hardware devision at logitech will become one.

I can see nothing but good things comming from this.
Including making profits from ps3 periherals.

BrianC62343932d ago

You obviously don't understand the idea of competition. I won't say Microsoft makes crappy peripherals. But the fact is their only real competition in the peripherals business is Logitech. And they own the market. If Microsoft buys them they'll completely own the market. What does that mean? They can just put out garbage and charge double for it and we'll have no option but to buy it.

This is why Microsoft is constantly getting into trouble with governments too. Unfair practices. Maybe the EU will stop it. They seem to like to stop Microsoft anyway. Logitech is a European company so maybe they have some say over this.

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