Beautiful Katamari rolls into Europe in February

Atari has announced that Beautiful Katamari, the latest instalment in the acclaimed series, is to be released across Europe for Xbox 360 in February.

This all-new Xbox 360 title will feature high-definition visuals, an original soundtrack, all-new online multiplayer features and more.

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titntin3987d ago

Though not to everyones tastes, I love the camp madness of the katamari games, and will be picking this one up as soon as I'm able to!

I'm still convinced the King is voiced by the guy who did 'big gay al' in SouthPark :)

M0KILLaU3987d ago

I don't understand why there not going to release this game on the PS3. Were is the loyalty?

titntin3987d ago

They made the decision some time ago. Sales were an issue for PS3 when this game was first planned, and the install base in NA made the 360 look like a great proposition for actually selling a few titles.
I have to say, a six axis controlled version would indeed be amazing, but maybe that come will come in the future? For now, I'll use my 360 for my Katamari fix and count myself lucky!