DS and 360 star in record-breaking 2007 while PC struggles

10 January 2007 - A handheld sector spearheaded by DS and a home console market led by Xbox 360 have pushed 2007 software sales to unprecedented heights, MCV can reveal.

Full year figures courtesy of ELSPA and ChartTrack reveal another spectacular year of game sales and a significant boost in market value.

Total software unit sales in the UK grew 16 per cent this year to a best ever 75.9 million, while in value terms the industry reached an all-time high of £1.72 billion.

And the industry has DS and Xbox 360 to thank most for 2007's performance at retail, according to ChartTrack director Dorian Bloch.

While the PC market topped the format breakdown in unit terms, it was the only market highlighted by ChartTrack to have struggled over the last 12 months. ChartTrack notes that the PC market has seen value decrease in the current generation.

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Krazy Ken Kutaragi3932d ago (Edited 3932d ago )

The 360 continues to be a huge success. Where the PS3 is a pathetic failure.

marionz3932d ago

thats a bit harsh, anyway im happy 360 is still going strong now hurry up and give me my banjo, same goes for the ds, i got one for xmas and love it!

Capt CHAOS3932d ago

Can't argue with the fact that we've had a fantastic 360 year.. I can see myself going and buying second hand come of the games that came out a year ago on the 360..

Shaka2K63932d ago

But even like that 2007 will be the best and last year the xbug 3rd60 will ever see, even though the PS3 outsold that POS hardware and software wsie world wide.

Xbox is the BEST3932d ago

"The high points have been Xbox 360, which was the clear winner in the home console market,"

marionz3932d ago

jeeze chill, why do you let yourself get so worked up over a console?
if you dont like the 360 fair enough but obviously you really let it get to you, consoles are just plastic and metal so just chill

RIPHDDVD3932d ago

make a faulty system that breaks a lot so that people can send it for repairs and count the newly shipped one as "sold".

too bad 360 has no games this year. things are looking pretty bad for 360 owners.

Chad Warden3932d ago (Edited 3932d ago )

Because they've got nothing to talk about for 08. LMAO!

HD-DVD lost.
Xbox Live is acting up.
Horrible line-up for 08.

They had to recap to make themselves feel better, discussing last year. Here's an interesting fact.

PS3's first year was more successful than the 360's first year. PS3 came in at selling around 8 mil on it's first year WITH competition. 360 sold less WITHOUT competition.

With 360 having such an awful line-up for this year, PS3 will dominate once again. Especially now that Blu-ray has won the war.

heihoosilver3932d ago

that strategy works really well for Sony with the Ps2, why not Microsoft use it 2? There are some people with to much spare time. Working is good you know?

3932d ago
mighty_douche3932d ago

"Remeber multiplat games always sell better on the 360 because those owners are in a habit of buying games"

^^more likely due to double the console install base...

"Look at UT3 on Ps3 right now selling like crap. not even 1 mil"

^^stupid arguement, its only currently available in the US where the PS3 has its lowest install base.

mullet3932d ago (Edited 3932d ago )

It's going to suck on 360. Biggest reason being, UT isn't UT without the mods. I mean seriously I don't even see the point in Epic releasing it on 360 anymore. It will by far be the worst version available to gamers.

RIPHDDVD3932d ago (Edited 3932d ago )

not just that but you can expect less maps for the 360 version, as confirmed by Mark Rein. there are many reasons that make the 360 version of UT3 inferior to the PS3 and PC versions.

1. less maps.
2. no mods.
3. no keyboard and mouse support.
4. less overall content.
5. watered down port.

oh and edonus. no, 2008 isn't "just as good". there are no system sellers for the 360 this year. last year 360 had Halo 3, Bioshock and Mass Effect. this year, they've got crap. GTAIV is multiplat. DMC4 will sell more on PS3, OBVIOUSLY, because most of the fan base for that game is in Japan. Too Human isn't being hyped at all, it looks like a very mediocre hack and slash. Soul Calibur is multiplat. Fallout 3 is multiplat. UT3 is on PS3 and PC, and superior to the 360 version. Fable 2 will flop just like Fable 1. and Splinter Cell?

lol. we got MGS4. we got Killzone 2. we got Little Big Planet. we got White Knight Chronicles. we got Gran Turismo 5. we got Infamous. we got Tekken 6. we got Haze. we have so much this year that i almost feel bad for 360 owners and that laughable line-up. if Microsoft had anything bigger, they'd announce it MONTHS before it's release which just goes to show you 360 is dead in 08.

Ju3932d ago

Speaking of UT3. 13 DM maps (17 total), 5 mutators and growing daily.

Regarding the article. That's a UK only report, isn't it? Kinda funny to read. Hey, interesting. Both football brands (FIFA and ProEvo) outsold Halo3, LOL.

I tend to believe, they are using absolute numbers for their evaluation ? Because the only place the 360 is ahead is share by value, which obviously is linked to the overall install base (and overall SW sold, I suppose). But, OK, its their success. It beats the PS2 in that category, which has a much larger install base.

mesh13932d ago

ok lets see what game woul di want mgs4 looks out dated even gears of war 1 is a better game /lbp a 2d game/gt5 forza 2 beats it as a sim /killzone 2 made by here it comes gorilla ent a no name game dev with a track record of killzone 1 only 4 games coming out for the ps3 this year exclusive that is compared to ng2/too human/fable 2/splinter cell next gen/warhound/alanwake/deadisla nd/gears of war 2/bk2 yes i think ill stick to buying software for the 360 as they have better games for 2008 than the ps3 fact

mesh13932d ago

riphddvd who said any 360 owner will by a crap game like ut3 the reviews spoke for them selfs the game the game is crap and wont get any muxch needed support from the 360 crowd as there are much better games coming out for the 360 in 2008 mulitplat + exclusive so we thank u for being epics geniepigs for the ut3 u guys did a good job testing out a subpargame that is not AAA so thank u ps3trolls

ParaDise_LosT3932d ago

Not trying to be rude but
Your forehead is huge on that pic O_O
Its almost intimidating ~_~

candystop3932d ago

I love reading through these comments and notice that PS3 fans are hurting bad and hoping there console comes out on top this generation! Guys I hate to spring it to you but this year game wise is not looking so bright for PS3 and as a matter a fact neither is next year! 360 has been out longer and developers are now getting familar with the hardware unlike PS3 which is still complicated and hard to use!There will be more games this year and next for 360 so keep dreaming that PS3 will do better! You guys are in so much denial its hilarious to the point to were none of your comments are to be taken serious! This is great news for 360 and will only lead to more and better games for the console! you guys keep on denying but I gauruntee that most of all your games will now be coming to 360 and PS3 does even worst this year in software sales! Also to the guy claiming ps3 did better then 360 it's 1st year is a lie because 360 sold tons more software then PS3 and therefore made a lot more money lol!

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mighty_douche3932d ago

The PC has a slow year thats all, the only big hitter was Crysis which is practically unplayable for 99% of people.

Im happy they've seen the console market growing, hopefully it will show them that people arent happy to pay £600 for a graphics card when you can buy a console for half the price.

My heart will always be with the PC though, it excels over consoles in every single department.... including cost unfortunatly.

Gina-get-u3932d ago

The 360 gave me a good year of gaming in 2007. As far as I'm concerned, it has already paid me back what I spent for its purchase. If I get anything more out of it from this point, it's just extra gravy.

I spent a lot less for the wii but got even less in return. I regret not having ebayed it this holiday season.

2008 is the year I finally get a PS3. Or is it? I'll wait for the big titles to hit and see if they're everything they're cracked up to be. If the PS3 gives me anything close to what the 360 delivered in 2007, then 2008 is going to be another great gaming year. It's nice to have something to look forward to.