I Can’t Believe That Actually Ran On a ZX Spectrum

Junior Smart of Frost Magazine writes 'The keys were made of rubber, games did not come on discs but on cassettes, Graphics may never have stood a chance, there were no cut sequences, no insertion of video and photo-mapping was unheard of. But that did not stop it from becoming a home favourite. What programmers had to focus on was real gameplay, interesting storytelling and making one fire button count for everything. Join us as I give you the run down on games that were incredible to see on such a small rubber button keyed home computer.'

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nirwanda2461d ago

all those games we nothing compared to how technically amazing star strike 3d 2 was back when the star wars arcade game was wire frame only, and castle master too even though it was a bit slow and miles better on the ST/ Amega it was still a technical feat.

TheBrit2461d ago

Yeah not to mention Ultimate Play the Game (now RARE), Imagine and Ocean Software all had titles far more worthy of those on that list.

U.P.T.G was without a doubt light years ahead of their time.

esemce2461d ago

Ah very fond memories of the old rubber key speccy.

bumnut2461d ago

Me too, I have a speccy emulator on my galaxy s2 but its not quite the same.

gameswriter2461d ago (Edited 2461d ago )

Yes, Star Strike was truly excellent. Far too many great games to mention in one piece I'm afraid So sorry if I missed anyone's faves. Does anyone remember Target Renegade, Way of the exploding fist, or Gauntlet? They were mine...

AtomicGerbil2461d ago

Nostalgia is a truly wonderful thing.

It's easy to forgot how many decent titles there were on the speccy. I'll have to fire up the emulator and take a trip back to the 1980s.

bumnut2461d ago

You're thinking how great it was at the time, they will be crap now!

Saboteur was amazing............ in 85 :)

AtomicGerbil2461d ago

You are right but they still bring back good memories.