BioShock 2 - We're going to need a bigger daddy.

Gameplayer takes a retrospective look at the extremely popular game BioShock and provides a feature list of what should be fixed/updated for the forthcoming sequel.

"we thought it would be nice to send a friendly reminder to the locals at 2K Australia (previously Irrational Games) that we want a sequel sooner, rather than later. Furthermore, we think the experience could be improved in the following ways…"

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SpaceCowgirl3961d ago

The Best part of the article is the Title. "were gonna need a bigger daddy." That makes me laugh so hard, I want to watch Jaws now.

SpenserTracy3961d ago

Bigger daddy....weird game

P4KY B3961d ago

And your Daddy will not buy it for you.

SpenserTracy3961d ago

I by my own games. And this game is weird.

boodybandit3961d ago (Edited 3961d ago )

Man you were so close.
His "Big" daddy wont buy him the game.
That is why he is so bitter ;-)

Just messing with you spenser.
If you don't care for Bioshock, if you actually played the game that is, and don't like it you are more than entitled to your opinion. But anyone that just blatantly says Bioshock sucks looks rather foolish IMHO.

Personally (at first) I didn't care for the character models so much that I almost didn't play the game. Eventually I got around to playing it and I enjoyed it so much it is the first game in 5 years that I have played through 3x. This is "now" one of my favorite titles of all time. It is one of the best games I have ever played. Now this is just my opinion but at least I actually played the game.

GITPWNED3961d ago

...It's because he's a very sad, pathetic, jealous, PS3rd fanboy.

HarryEtTubMan3960d ago

I've beaten this game and its really not that great.

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joemomma3961d ago

That could be twisted into many meanings....

nanometric3961d ago

How is this supposed to be in the PS3 section O_o or I missed something?

mesh13961d ago

u missed the dreams of fanboys dreaming that bioshock will ever comeout for the ps3 it will never they get no games over 15hrs of gameplay which bioshock is a 20hr game

joemomma3961d ago

oblivion=100 hours of play

Come on guys there is a free bubble to take from this guy!

mesh13961d ago

oblivion is a great game but tell me a game with bioshock type grapics that is over 10hr on th eps3 haha u twat u fail go get a real name and stop pretending to ur some 1 far better than u zhuk

TheHater3961d ago

Folklore is way over 10 hours. So there you been proven wrong. And don't give me that Graphic Bullsh!t.

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otherZinc3961d ago

looks like a XBOX 1 game.

TheHater3961d ago can't be that stupid can you? oh wait, you are. And like I said, graphic mean nothing if they game is "fun".

go0se3961d ago

Well I would much rather buy Bioshock for my PC over the 360. 360 is a huge waste of money. You are basically buying a sh*tty computer that breaks on 1 out every 3 owners. LMAO!

GITPWNED3961d ago

Yeah, cuz buying and upgrading a high-end PC that's good enough to run games like Bioshock maxed out with perfect framerates, like the 360 version, every six months is so much better. not. at least our repairs are free, dumbass.


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The story is too old to be commented.