Microsoft Says Xbox Live Outage Due To Server Strain

Kotaku, Wed Jan 9 2008, by Michael McWhertor:

The weeks long connection troubles many Xbox Live users have experienced since the holidays was due, according to Microsoft, to heavy Xbox Live server load brought on a record number of users attempting to access the service. Xbox group marketing manager Albert Penello told Kotaku that "It's wasn't a malicious thing." He explained, "We had the biggest concurrent day we've ever had on Live. We had more people than ever signing up on Live, it was 9 million, then 10 million, and it literally was that a lot more people were trying to get on, sign up and play than we had expected over Christmas."

Penello gave further explanation for the continued problems and defended the Live team.

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toughNAME3939d ago

Your off the hook TANOD

eLiNeS3938d ago (Edited 3938d ago )

Millions signing up, millions signing in to play some games on Xbox Live! Sounds terrible! Maybe all the nooby's should have open there gifts a few days later so they wouldn't have put a strain on the servers.

I have been on Xbox live for about 5 years now and this is the first time I have seen the servers so whacked.

I played COD4 this afternoon and then all night (just got off at 3:20am PST) and this afternoon the servers where messed up bad but was able to get some games in still, but tonight, not a single problem! That tells me there are more people playing during the day causing the server strain and less people on at night causing no strain whatsoever.

This should be an easy fix and Live should be running smooth once again very soon. I see this problem encouraging, more people are jumping in, playing some of the best AAA games any console has brought so far this gen. and that means the devs will be bring more games for the masses.

Jump in, everyone else is or the servers wouldn't be strained!!!

shysun3938d ago

Xfire does that for free and never craps out! ;)

mikeslemonade3938d ago

Hey elines, nice nudge at Sony. PSN will have more users as the PS3's network is free and the PS3 is currently outselling the 360 by 50,000 units week by week and that gap is getting wider and wider.

boodybandit3938d ago (Edited 3938d ago )

I feel so freaking lucky as a paid XBL member to not be able to use my account effectively. Maybe I should go to Vegas now. It's not even a matter of us paying money for this service or what system this is happening on. This just plain SUCKS!

I hate it when I can't get online for any reason. When it happens with one particular title you just shelf it and move on but when it happens to the entire system what are you suppose to do? I have actually unplugged my net cable so I can play without problems.

I was playing PGR4 a couple days back and after a few races I was booted out to the main menu, automatically signed back into XBL (I never signed out), went back into my campaign and lost the data for the last several races I just completed before I was randomly disconnected from XBL.

I hope MS gets this problem fixed ASAP. If it's simply a traffic issue why don't they either upgrade or add more servers? Considering this is what MS has built their entire existence around I don't understand why this isn't already repaired.

end rant

wageslave3938d ago

No WONDER we keep seeing this Kotaku blog-posts.

Kotaku takes EVERY opportunity to backhand anything Microsoft (Xbox 360, Windows, whatever).


"The weeks long connection troubles many Xbox Live users have experienced since the holidays was due"


Why the %$##% is every-single Kotaku blog-post appearing here? It is a direct violation of posting guidelines.

BrianC62343938d ago

If this is true maybe Microsoft should start asking people to buy a PS3 and get off Xbox Live. This sounds like an easy copout though. We just didn't expect this much traffic. Come on Microsoft, you know how much traffic you get and how many servers you need. If you made this big of a mistake you really don't know what you're doing.

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Bill Gates3939d ago

No excuse M$, shame on you for taking advantage of poor little BABOONS.....AAHHHAHHHAHA

MailMan3938d ago

When was the last time Sony had to apologize for a PSN outage?-Never.

When was the last time gamers demanded a refund from Sony?-Never.

When was the last time Playstation Trophies were wiped from your console?-Never.

When was the last time Playstation gamers paid for their BRILLIANT Online service?-Never.

I always deliver the truth,Jump OUT and Play B3YOND

Mr Marbles3938d ago

when was the last time Sony had 10,000,000 people on the PSN, NEVER!

IF running a world wide network that in real time tracks game stats, online matches, what your playing, what your watching, and everything you ever have, is so easy, than why the F can't Sony do it?

mikeslemonade3938d ago

I'm playing Unreal Tournament 3 on PS3 no problem here and it's free. How do like that xbox fan? Have fun playing Joust when you get that game and accept Microsoft's apology.

WilliamRLBaker3938d ago (Edited 3938d ago )

When has psn ever had an outage? hmmm lets see when warhawk was released? most people couldn't get on official servers because they didn't create enough of them.

When did sony ever have to apologize? well they never do that to begin with even when they out right lie to their consumers.

When we're ur trophies wiped? really last I checked achievements have been confirmed as server side and therfor incapable of being wiped, And its been proven this was a false statement no one lost their achievements....and last I checked psn didn't have trophies yet, and im sure sony will screw that up some how like make it up to the devs to store those trophies or put them on ur ps3 thus allowing you to hack it so u can get all trophies with no work.

Brilliant online service...yet at last count sony has 8m ps3's sold and only 3 million psn users....A service that is AMAZING by your words, and IS FREEE and takes all of 2 minutes to sign up for if not less * i know cause I have 3 accounts* yet only has 3million users for 8 million systems sold...hmmmmmm.....Yet xbox live has 16m+ sold and has 10m+ xboxlive users. hmmmmm, on a service that by your words sucks and that costs money hmmm...

Wait beyond.

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Cyrus3653939d ago

A server strain that lasted a week? I can understand that issue, if it's for a day or two max but over a week.

Sounds like they don't have enough servers, I mean logic would have been alot of people are going to log on during the holidays (Especailly on the 25th), create new accounts, and trying things out.

jackdoe3939d ago (Edited 3939d ago )

Actually, longer than a week for some people. And this guy claims that they were understaffed, contradicting Major Nelson's statements about his people working to fix the problems.

Mr Marbles3938d ago

actually Major said they had to track down and call people in from holiday vacation, so they were probably understaffed even after they got some folks to come in.

Personally I would not have answered the phone to come in off my Christmas break, just so I could work on a problem that a bunch of ungreatful stupid kids would bash me for either way, F that, I would have kept opening gifts with my family and said screw you losers.

YoMeViet3939d ago

Solution: Upgrade and add more severs...

Now who's writing my check for giving them the solution to their or YOU? or YOU!!!

Mr Marbles3938d ago

you dont know what the F*ck your talking about so just STFU.

joydestroy3939d ago (Edited 3939d ago )

duh. they weren't ready for the new customers. they knew they weren't ready. a big fuuuck you, M$. glad i don't get on that much anymore.

AzaziL3939d ago

I was really beginning to enjoy that game, but since Christmas, well I barely even play on my 360 anymore, bummer. One more week and I'm canceling my account, I pay for a service so that they can use those funds to ensure that I receive a quality product, not screw off with my money while I can't even use the damn service!

jackdoe3939d ago (Edited 3939d ago )

IW killed CoD 4 Multiplayer on the PS3. Servers crashed for a couple of days, back to normal now, and they still haven't released that goddamned patch. Damnit, IW best coders my ass. You know, I haven't touched multiplayer in a month. Frequent disconnects, which count as losses by the way, and spotty matchmaking was too much. IW you could have solved all of this through a fvcking beta test. But no, couldn't be bothered could you. Anyway, I know I am off topic, but CoD 4 multiplayer is just pissing me off so much.

The_Engineer3938d ago (Edited 3938d ago )

"jack", PS3 servers are jam packed with players as we speak, it take less than a second to find a match. ALL on a FREE service. I hope some xbots feel stupid right about now. This is just further proof that MS does NOT know what it's doing in the console business. You mean to tell me that they didn't know how many consoles they shipped? and would sell through the holidays?? They didn't even account for a 60% expansion of the network resources??

TOTAL FAWKEN NOOB time if you ask me, Ps3 COD:4 had a little downtime for a couple days but now is running like a champ. COD:4 on 360?? it's now over a week that you can't play online AT ALL, on a pay service mind you...

so let's see

FREE SERVICE = runs like a champ, problems fixed in two days tops

PAY SERVICE = down for over a week for the second time and no sign of a refund in sight.

maybe they will put barbie doll house on xboxlive arcade as "compesation" for milking people out of several million with over a week of live downtime.

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