Crysis 3: The best-looking game we've ever seen

New York has gone to shit. Beautiful, beautiful shit. In Crysis 3, the speedily developed sequel to 2011's near-future shooter, Mother Nature shows Lady Liberty how to properly dominate a skyline.

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basilezz30302461d ago (Edited 2461d ago )

yes hype it
hype it even more
let's see how it can stand on consoles the likes of
uncharted3/the last of us/god of war ascension

on pc hell yes it will look better
but on consoles
going by crysis 2 on consoles
just no

Convas2461d ago

WTF? Have you seen The Last of Us or God of War: Ascension running yet?

The answer is most clearly no, so what the HELL are you going on about?

neoMAXMLC2461d ago

What does it matter? God of War 3 and Uncharted 3 are amazing looking games. They already give us an idea of what Acsension and The Last of Us will look like.

Crysis 2 on the other hand was a graphical and performing disaster.

SPAM-FRITTER-1232461d ago

hey, can i see these exclusive videos that only you own.

would love to compare all 3 games.

Prince_Dim-Lu2461d ago

But I only thought PS3 exclusives looked the best? Man, this is going to suck for the PS3 only fanboys, and their quest to continue to talk nothing but graphics.

dark-hollow2461d ago (Edited 2461d ago )

ps3 is still more capable than the 360 and no multiplat will exceed some of the ps3 exclusives in the graphics department.

the reason most third party developers cant utilize the ps3 full capabilities is because the cell is a very different cpu than your average one that you find on your pc, laptop or even the xbox 360

instead of the traditional, now more commonly multi cores on the cpus, the cell have one main POWER PC core which distributes the tasks and send them to the six SPEs that are found on the cell.
one spe for physics and one spe for the OS etc.

but mind you, SPEs arent true physical cores on their own like your traditional cpu, and they rely on the main POWER PC core. so thats why its so difficult to program for the ps3, which left it with untapped potential that hasnt been reached only but with sonys own first party developers because they are used to the hardware and they are directly supported by sony, not to mention that they only have to worry about one version unlike multplat developers.

ATi_Elite2461d ago

way to hype up your console of choice cause you have NOT seen any gameplay video of GOW4 or The last of Us cause those videos do not exist!

Crysis and all this graphics talk has made me nauseous cause the game play has become HORRIBLE!!

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listenkids2461d ago

It doesn't matter how good it looks, just make it better to play than that horrific second title.

t0mmyb0y2461d ago

...until the next 'best-looking game we've ever seen'

These articles are pointless because graphics/tech/COMPUTERS will always get better. It's like says 'Tomorrow will have sun'.

DigitalAnalog2461d ago

As always, CVG hyping up an overrated title. Meanwhile, looking back on Battlefield on PC pretty much decimated the new Crysis trailer making this title moot.

I just wonder, would this game actually PERFORM with stability? They may hit graphics on consoles but the performance are some of the worst I've seen in the game, not even reducing the resolution could fix that. I wonder what else they have in store for us?

Commodore2461d ago

Like I haven't heard that every month of this console generation. *fart noise* *peace sign to the air* "Jog on"....That's a Hot Fuzz reference for anyone who gets it.

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