Should Games Find Inspiration in Television?

The video game industry has been infatuated with cinema for years. The obsession stretches back to the late 1980s, if not earlier. Titles like Prince of Persia scattered cinematic setpieces throughout: leaps of faith into nothingness, climactic battles upon crumbling bridges.

But should video games be looking to TV for their real inspiration?

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Cthuloid3474d ago

Well, I wont really elaborate, but mention the fact that the quality of TV programmes has never been up to scratch, but is rapidly getting worse. Mind you, the article does make valid points...

SPAM-FRITTER-1233474d ago

"rapidly getting worse"

what tv shows have you been watching?

compared to 2002 when all it was, was reality shows. now we get blockbuster TV shows that replace movies. id rather be watching breaking bad,walking dead and game of thrones instead of the osbournes.

Cthuloid3474d ago

Yes, but three or four shows -not even a dozen shows- are not enough to raise the overall level of the average TV channel.

DavidMacDougall3474d ago

Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy would love a game about that, suppose that GTA4 DLC is kinda sons like ...

F7U123474d ago

don't really care where they get it from, just as long as it's good and makes for awesome gameplay.

GrooveMachine3474d ago

games should find inspiration wherever the they can, time for a shake up boring homogenous industry

mastershredder3474d ago

How is that any different from finding insiration from movies? Which typically does not end well. Not saying they should not or can't, but it better not be crap like dancing with the stars or sarah palin's alaska.

Cajun Chicken3474d ago

Yes. Everytime I see Burn Notice, I think it would make a great videogame. Not that I'm saying there should be a licensed videogame, because we know how those turn out. But at least a game which takes inspiration of the core elements that give TV shows that particular style and recognition.

Burn Notice would make a great sandbox game.

MariaHelFutura3474d ago

Exactly. Screw the license, just use the concepts and ideas to create game mechanics.

bakagaijin783474d ago

I'm here for Heisenberg.

On topic though, inspiration can really come from anywhere. I don't really care where, just as long as a game is a good game.