'Crimson Viper' joins Street Fighter 4 roster

Ryu and Ken have a new sparring partner, as "Crimson Viper" joins the Street Fighter IV cast.

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Luca Blight3961d ago

the new next-gen Dragon Ball game than I am about SF4 honestly. But, since Street Fighter has never really let me down in the past I'll definetely throw down money for a copy on launch day. I hope they refine the art style a little bit - looks a little bit odd IMO.

Oh, and Crimson Viper...could be a cool character, but definetely not Akuma cool.

godoftime3960d ago

this game is actually going to be good, it sounds like it might control like Killer Instinct. The way it is supposed to control like a 2D fighter and have a 3D environment. i still would have prefered a darker streetfighter like the original trailer showed. not too cartoony as it is now.