Soul Calibur IV - CES 2008 Trailer (Vader & Yoda's Trailer)

Gametrailers presents, Soul Calibur IV - CES Trailer:

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TheTwelve3939d ago

I didn't care about this game until now. I was all about Tekken 6. AND I got a PS3. Dang, 2008 rules for PS3. We got Vader, folks!


BloodySinner3939d ago

"I didn't care about this game until now."

... and that's exactly why Namco put in those characters. They did the exact same thing with Soul Calibur II for the GameCube (Link), PS2 (Heihachi) and Xbox (Spawn). To keep people like you interested.

TechWiz3939d ago

BloodSinner, The game now has caught my eye. I just love starwars, and cant get enough.

The only problem, The light-Saber should cut through the swords. Not too fair of a fight.

TheTwelve3939d ago (Edited 3939d ago )

You're right, Bloody. I didn't care for Heihachi for my PS2 though. I thought we got jipped. But as a big Star Wars fan, we got possibly the greatest villain in cinematic history (behind Vito Corleone) on the PS3. I have to get this game just because of that.


(Hmmm...just occurred to me that we got the big bad guy with the PS2 AND PS3. Is Namco trying to say something? haha)

BloodySinner3939d ago

I have the lame PS2 version as well (don't get me wrong, I LOVE Soul Calibur). I just really hated having Heihachi. I regret not getting the Xbox version. Spawn was just too awesome.

HeartlesskizZ3939d ago (Edited 3939d ago )

Zoul Calibur will be my #1 fighter if they added Snake(PS3) and Chief(360)and DukeNukem(pc) together...
that will be EPIC

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LightningPS33939d ago (Edited 3939d ago )

The guest characters add a lot to it.

I feel like more developers should do things like this to seperate the different versions of multi console games.

It's what every fanboy wants and makes the games appeal more.

Wouldn't it be cooler if like XBOX 360 was getting a certain version of Grand Theft Auto, that look place in New York and PS3 was getting a different version that took place in Los Angeles or something.

Instead of both consoles getting the same game?

That way fanboys would like Grand Theft Auto more, and each fanboy could take pride in their own GTA.

TechWiz3939d ago

Thats a great idea. Bubble for you

kingOVsticks3939d ago

he beat me too adding this video lol

Cyrus3653939d ago

This will definitely differinate the difference between each console. Where most multi-plat are the same, give or take a few things, different characters, could make a huge difference in what people go out and buy.

v1c1ous3939d ago

i can hear the star wars people popping a blood vessel

OldGamer3939d ago

A sword stopping a lightsaber!? Blasphemy! Blasphemy I say!

Cool looking game though.

macalatus3939d ago


It may be weird but remember that Lucas' concept for the Jedi Knights were heavily influenced by the Japanese samurai and Bushido code. Heck, the word "Jedi" came from a Japanese word. So, in a sense, it could be Namco's (a Japanese company) way of saying thanks to Lucas.

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