Publisher Entitlement Ignored Over Consumer Entitlement In Gaming Media

Gaming Blend "You know what we never hear about? Corporate entitlement in the video game industry. We never hear about it. We never hear about how it's unnecessary to charge $60 for a re-skin job, or how it's unnecessary to always place the blame on consumers when generic shooter number #734 tanks at retail, or how big publishers abuse DLC with day-one DLC, pre-order DLC, and even disc-locked DLC, in which case the latter doesn't even make sense.

Somehow, in this strange universe gamers are the ones to always blame for the problems in the gaming's somehow the gamer's fault for wanting to be treated respectfully as a consumer."

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The war over online and software control is right around the corner. I can't believe the exposure over this issue recently. I hope console gamers can hold the line where PC gamers gave up.

vortis3082d ago

Don't you mean "Hold The Wallet"?


We gave up? When did this happen?

MrBeatdown3082d ago

So, rather than just complain about publisher entitlement, he decided to complain about how nobody complains about publisher entitlement just because one guy does an article on gamer entitlement, and another guy does an article questioning it?

Makes so much sense.

KYU21303081d ago

the writer makes serious points, but forgot to mention that the reason the gamer is not really considered a consumer or even respected as one is because society and most publishers are still under the impression that the majority of the gamer market is still under the age of 16. So to the them the real consumer is the parent.

The gamers age market is actually more along the lines of 17-30yrs old. i for one am 35 and still game quite frequently. and i know lots of families that have consoles in their homes and the primary gamer is in actual fact the parent and not the child.