Classification Board Leaks Unknown Xbox Live Arcade Games?

The Australian classification board has rated a few unknown games from Microsoft that could very well end up on the Xbox Live Arcade in the near future.

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MailMan5446d ago

That their will be absolutely NO WAY for Xbots to get their hands on the games seeing as how Xbox Live has been down EVERY SINGLE day for the past month.

ONLY on the Ps3 can gamers be sure of acquiring the latest and greatest software titles that become available on the FREE Online infrastructure known as the PlayStation Network or Perfect Spectacular Network.

Jump OUT and Play B3YOND

mighty_douche5446d ago

...but your comment even makes me feel sick.

Mr Marbles5446d ago

douche is right, you will never keep bubbles that way, and you actually hurt PS3 with that attitude. Why don't you worry about stories that focus on PS3 and just let 360 gamers enjoy their console of choice as well. People like you are what's wrong with gaming.

Lord Cheese5446d ago

you're proof there should be some sort of vetting done on people being allowed to post here. You are a complete and utter moron, whoes comments have no basis in fact whatsoever. (Aka fantard)

"Down every day for the past month" - so how have i been playing on it then?

No-one actually wants or needs to hear from you. There is nothing wrong with liking your ps3 more than you like a 360, but when you spend time commenting like that, people question your right to even be allowed a console, let alone express an opinion on one.