Soulcalibur IV, Ps3 gets Vader, 360 Yoda

The recently announced guest appearances of Darth Vader and Yoda in Soulcalibur IV come with a catch-each release will feature a console exclusive Star Wars character.

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LightningPS35442d ago (Edited 5442d ago )

XBOX 360 fans got the crappy end of the deal.

Marona5442d ago

Darth Vader is win. As much as Yoda's fighting style is awesome, no one can disagree how Vader is epic.

JsonHenry5442d ago

Well, if I get this game it will certainly be the PS3 version. Only because of Vader.

But I doubt I will be getting this game at all. Maybe rent though.

WilliamRLBaker5442d ago

nah its all preference and my preference is yoda backwards talking lil cool dude yoda, I never liked Star wars to begin with but i liked yoda, Darth vader was weak he only was cool because of the voice of james earl jones other then that he was a whiney lil baby in 1-3 and in 4-6 too weak to stay with the dark side.

RudeSole Devil5442d ago

Anakin Skywalker is the "Chosen One" foretold by the Jedi prophecy to bring balance to the Force. Yoda is a back flipping midget.

GameOn5442d ago

Luke skywlker was the one that was fortold to bring balance back to the force. dumby

KnowitAll5442d ago

I always knew the ps3 was the dark side. And the xbox the goody good side.

sonarus5442d ago

i would definetly prefer to get both but it seems like i'll be getting darth:(. Darth is definetly better than yoda but i would have still loved to play as yoda. A huge starwars fan so hopefully there is downloadable content and they get more starwars characters in and maybe even yoda dwnloadable content on ps3 and vader on 360. This alone is gonna make me buy soul calibur. Havent played soul calibur since it first hit dreamcast. Also i wonder when starwars will be hitting blu ray. I would definetly buy that and could be a potential hi def system seller. Hopefully lucas makes it happen

ArduousAndy5442d ago

im a huge star wars fan. And let me tell you im getting the 360 version cause yoda is the man. Vader is cool and all but im a huge yoda fan.

Also Anakin was the one the prophecy was about not luke. Luke never brought balance. It was Anakin by going to the dark side then coming back to the light. That act showed that neither side was 100%

godofthunder105442d ago

i think that the 360 and ps3 are both good systems,but who gives a sh*t about it.the only reason that they did that was for people that have both systems and star wars fans because they figured that they might buy both version just to collect for me they could have a ewok and i wouldn't give a sh*T and the people that's fightinf over this are riduclious,childish and makeing a fool of them selfs over 1 damn sci-fi charater.

mikeslemonade5442d ago

Yoda doesn't even match the gameplay of soulcalibar. I don't know much about Yoda but i'm guessing he's too small, not mobile, and he uses magic instead of a sword base weapon. You're definately a fanboy if you think Yoda is more suited for soul calibar than darth vader.

Legend5442d ago

Pretty cool fan service but they probably won't get much play from me as my Taki is flawless. The only thing these two will be useful for is using the force to pull her blades Rekki-Maru and Mekki-Maru out of their backs.

TheZippo5442d ago

Honestly, I do not think either of them are suited for Soul Calibur.

nirwanda5442d ago

actually yodas very fast much faster than vader he will be like a midget taki see vid

jvsantos5442d ago

This is going to suck as much as Spawn/Link/Tekkenguy sucked when they did the same thing for SC2.

I'll stick with Ivy/Nightmare.

i Shank u5442d ago

i like darth vader, but im thinkin yoda might be better for in the game since hes short and harder to hit? and the grphx on both of them are sic :)

but anyway, screw the characters im getting the ps3 version so the d-pad goes left when i push left. 360 dpad is garbage

mikeslemonade5442d ago

Just because Yoda is fast and more agile doesn't mean he's a better fit than vader. Soul Calibar is a technical fighter and Vader fits that slow pace.

The XBOT5442d ago (Edited 5442d ago )

In my 25 years of gaming, I am yet to meet a more pathetic fanbase then the army of 12 year old droids.
They entirely chose one version on another based on the inclusion of one character instead of another. Did you see them in action? Did you play the characters? You think Namco will just screw up Yoda for the PS3 sake? 360 is the major software seller now.
What if the PS3 has some frameeate issues? What is the 360 has the better version graphically? Histroy has shown that in one on one games, the 360 has always delivred the extra touch. I am not talking out of my ass. Check and then have the guts to disagree.

SlappyMcTaint5442d ago

I love all the pathetic, "yoda's way bettar" justification from all the xbots. If this were reversed, they'd all be gloating about how fvcking cool Vader is.

haaaaaaaaa haaaaa! Thanks for the chuckle, xbots.

mikeslemonade5442d ago

Im not going to buy this game at all. I'm just saying it's easier to break Yoda's character because he's not a good fit in this game. I never said which version better however I did say the PS3 version has the better special character which is Vader because of his style and his size. There's only a few mutiplatform games that I would buy and this is not it. COD4, UT3, maybe Burnout are a worthy purchase. If the PS3 version had the more inferior character PS3 fans wouldn't hear the end of it either. 360 fans would do the same and bash it. We're just returning the favor :).

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toughNAME5442d ago

one's flash and one's substance

GRRiMREEAPeR5442d ago (Edited 5442d ago )

eff Yoda, give us Darth Maul! please please please! Damn... Spawn first and now Yoda??? dont get me wrong, Yoda's ....alright But Maul... wow come on guys!

green5442d ago

One is good and the other is bad.Interesting

ruibing5442d ago

This is as weird and senseless as it comes to exclusive contents. What's the point of only have a single Star Wars character? I hope they provide a few more that are cross platformers.

BubblesDAVERAGE5442d ago

I kinda like yoda....but everyone seems to like vadar....but who dosent have a dark

HeartlesskizZ5442d ago

it makes is green the other is black..get it?

marionz5442d ago

i like yoda too, but i would probably prefer vader, my friend is a HUGE yoda fan though so he will be happy, only problem is he doesnt like fighting games....oh well ill be getting this game for sure!

Taker_1295442d ago

I really don't care about this, I just wish I could play Star Wars: the Force Unleashed right now.

ReBurn5442d ago

Me, too. That's my most anticipated game of 2008.

JBaby3435442d ago

I can't wait for the Force Unleashed. When will we get some new info on it?