Resistance: Fall Of Man - TGS Trailer

Resistance looks like complete carnage. fun as hell

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Munky5850d ago

this game looks awesome.

Phytonadione5850d ago

to be honest, I wasn't too sure how this game was going to turn out, is it looking good. It seems to be running at a pretty good clip. I do prefer stealth over run and gun but with this much action on the screen, I don't think I'll be able to turn it down. Hopefully those 22 gigs really did go into varying the environment. Not that there seems to be enough time in the game to sit down and notice/appreciate....

Captain Tuttle5850d ago

Are much nicer in this trailer. Brighter and more vibrant. This game is looking good.

sman7805850d ago

damm this game looks f'in funnnn!! hahaha its gonna be sweet, plus its multiplayer??? annd co-op this is deff a launch title to get. yess.