Tales Of Producer Video Interview Published, the Series Will Keep Its Japanese Flavor

Namco Bandai Partners Europe just published the first part of an interview to the producer of the Tales Of series Hideo Baba.

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Cloudberry3074d ago

Supposedly, the most important question is "When the next localized Tales of Xillia & Innocence R?" hasn't been asked yet.

Abriael3074d ago

The "to be continued" at the end is about the intereview. There are more parts incoming.

Cloudberry3074d ago

Do you know when for the next interview video?

Havok1233074d ago

This is really old news and alot of japanese devs ARE NOT making western inspired games, I would say less than 10 percent

3074d ago
catfrog3073d ago

good. they should keep doing what theyre doing with development, but start releasing them in the west