MGS4 Contains Metal Gear Online Starter Pack: DLC to Follow

Via Ripten:

"From an interview at CES 2008, where Kojima's Playstation 3 offering is being demoed to a lucky few, comes the confirmed news that Metal Gear Online will be included with the purchase of the single player game, MGS4. It is, however, an online starter pack."

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Relcom4028d ago

I'm glad that they finally comfirmed this. Before this it was just a rumor i hoped was true. Kojima FTW

HeartlesskizZ4028d ago

DLC is more likely to be most part for maps or stuff like that....but if it is all for SP mode then that is even better =D

anyhow just cant wait for this game and Salute the Patriots once more!!!

Hades13374028d ago

Wasnt this confirmed a couple of months ago? Perhaps it was just a rumour at the time. Either way its a good method of distribution.

Taker_1294028d ago

but its still good that it is being re-confirmed

jwatt4028d ago

Yea I heard this before but I wasn't sure but that is the best choice to make ecspecially if the online rocks. Mgs4 will sell very well but the online will give it longevity.

Bubble Buddy4028d ago

What does it mean starter pack? Like only one map or something?

jwatt4028d ago

It's 4 maps and the others will be relased later.

CeruleanSky4028d ago

Good to hear final confirmation of the inclusion Metal Gear Online.

That about raps it up for remaining questions fo what will most likely be 2008's GOTY if it doesn't go to Killzone or Little Big Planet.

All that is left is for the game is to get into PS3 owners hands now and for review sites like EGM and 1Up to trash the game in reviews.

ActionBastard4028d ago

I disagree on the EGM/1up claim. They will be the ones blowing Kojima and praising the PS3. They do it all the time. I listen to a podcast 1 week where Bioshock can turn water to wine, on the next, they are laughing at how no one is talking about it or playing it anymore. It is in their nature. They have a paycheck associated with their "opinions". I rather enjoy N4G where, upon weeding through the hate, real gamers opinions can be shared. Our opinion is far more valuable.

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The story is too old to be commented.