Wii Fit weighs into North America on May 20?

In a story over at 1UP reporting the early success of Wii Fit, the site states that the software and Balance Board will appear on North American shores on May 20 this year:

"Wii Fit is expected to be one of the year's biggest sellers both in Japan and abroad. North Americans can expect to see the game on May 20th… by which time presumably they'll have that 'plus-sized' Western balance board properly stress tested and ready for use."

Title and description: Nintendic, by Andrew Macarthy on January 10th, 2008

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PS360WII3933d ago

That's cool unoffical date but I'm sure it's pretty close. The pic is funny though it's hard to read it here.

wiizy3932d ago

i doubt that.. i think wii fit will hit the u.s in march 2008

akaFullMetal3932d ago

i really wonder how well this is going to sell? im really wondering why this is so appealing, nothing more than say a type of motion board for what? some exercise and a skateboarding game, wow i guess i really just dont see the appeal, but some people do, and the people in japan do as well, either way i hope you guys enjoy it, have fun

ChickeyCantor3932d ago

Its not aimed for you meaning its for a different audience.
"different" people who are not like you....

3932d ago
prodg523932d ago

haha that's funny, but true

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