CES - Why movies sold on disc still matter

PC World, Melissa Perenson, 10/01/2008:

Over the course of the past couple of years, as the Blu-ray Disc vs. HD DVD smack down continued, there's been postulating in the press and among the public that neither disc format is going to matter in the future.

The reality is that, based on where we are today, the demand for packaged media - and devices to play them - appears quite healthy. The Digital Entertainment Group, which exists to promote the video industry, highlighted some industry numbers at its annual event that underscore why movie studios and hardware manufacturers both care about finding the high-def successor to DVD.

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TANOD3934d ago

BD will rule until 2015 when DD /perhaps some holographic digital transfer might take up hold

Skynetone3934d ago

most dvd recorders hold about two hours of dvd quailty programes on disc

will a blu-ray recorder hold like 20 hours of dvd quailty on a disc, just wondering wheather i should wait for a blu-ray recorder

bootsielon3934d ago

And ultra hi-vision support. Man that will rule so much... say no to DD, DRM and Microsoft's world domination plans.

JBaby3433934d ago

But not for a little while still. I prefer downloading music because usually CD's only contain two maybe three songs I want but for movies plus extra features I want a disc. Same goes for games. I do have some PSN games but only play them for a little distraction. For my full-fledged games I want a disc.

Everyone has their preference and in this case there really is no right or wrong. Discs are just my preference when it comes to movies and games.

ravinash3934d ago

bring the product out and let the customer decide.
I think theres room for both in the market now and years to come.