Xbox 360 as set-top box: 'not able to receive or record live TV'

On-demand films and sports content from the BT Vision service will be available via the Xbox games console from the middle of this year.

Unlike the dedicated set-top box the Xbox will not be able to receive or record live TV.

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toughNAME3936d ago

its the first of its kind...these things take time

wageslave3936d ago

I know. This article is another pile of steaming empty-headed FUD. Well, no f'ing shait it doesnt record live TV -- it doenst have a tuner or video input to start...

The machine offers VIDEO ON DEMAND. Think of it as the ultimate Network Connected PVR database -- it makes the need for PVR (as in recording shows and such) kinda pointless.

The shows/sports/movies (etc) will be Play on Demand.

And, for wil4hire below me; just STFU idiot, you're fcuking clueless.

wil4hire3936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

It can barely pull off spinning a DVD without RROD. What makes people think its reliable enough to be left on for prolonged hours at a time.

MS has a big problem rushing stuff just to get it out to Americans.

Fix RROD & XBL first. Then think about making another system that has a non-usb hdd.

Streaming because of a ghetto HDD is just sad.

Cant wait to see how much it costs to do something Tversity does for free.

MaximusPrime3936d ago

im looking forward to Playtv. This is where i can record favourite programmes.

lockload3936d ago

The point is BTVison offers 7 days of tv programmes so you dont need to record it its always there for 7 days after the program airs

Same with premiership football matches (280 games a year)

The service also includes on demand music, movies and a wide selection of tv shows.

Obviously the main advantage over playtv is you dont need to have the console on when the program air to record it because its stored on the BT servers to be played on demand.

TrooGamer3936d ago

Suddenly MS are playing catch up

Welcome to 08 MS!

Dlacy13g3936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

neither have a TV tuner "input" to recieve signals from anything. So they both in-order to actually record live TV/show live TV will need to have live TV streamed to the box via the internet and will require said cable companies to have such an infrastructure set up to do so since the programming would need to come from them, etc. Currently all the "quote" internet TV situations out on the web are basically podcast/stream pre-recorded video type deals. Live internet TV is in its infancy at the moment and MS is pioneering the way. This definitely will take some time to really iron out.

power of Green 3936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

Comcast Just announced at CES they will be on board and I'm assuming they'll have a more advanced infrastructure.

That TrooGamer or True Sony fanboy is out of his mind.

Action Bastard, Get out of hear man!. How do you know he's talking about PlayTV theres been many Sony IPTV talk on this site due to Sony IPTV posts.

ActionBastard3936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

Take the PS3 out of your comment. PlayTV is just that, a TV tuner. Thus, the PS3 does have a TV tuner input via the USB PlayTV tuner. There is no streaming to the PS3 via the Internet. PlayTV is not an IPTV service like Microsoft Mediaroom. Just wanted to clarify. Like most MS offerings, they are half-assed. Anyone remember Ultimate TV?

POG: Show me a Sony IPTV post, more importantly, one that is real. They DO NOT offer it (outside of Korea). PlayTV is their product and guess what? It records LIVE tv.

Smokey: The Korean offering is Mega TV and is IPTV. However, that launched in November.

SmokeyMcBear3936d ago

well action is right, the playtv that was introduced for europe is used for over the air channels, it is essentially a tv tuner, but it is only available in europe. now in korea they are using some internet system i believe, but not too sure about that.

Dlacy13g3936d ago

I actually stand by my comment. NEITHER the 360 or PS3 have a tuner "input" on them. They would require an external "box" that could connect to them via usb in order to get a regular tv signal and act like a Tivo. Its extra hardware needed for either to have that functionality. Just look at the back of your PS3 and tell me if you see any coaxil cable inputs for the cable company to just plug into...yeah didnt think so.

The 360 is proposing to go IPTV, which will use the internet and NOT require any additional hardware but rather a simple software update and internet connection. But IPTV would require a lot of backend work in order to get any kind of semblence to a live tv broadcast given its streamed nature.

There are still many questions around this and the way the service will be offered. I for one and VERY interested to see how it shakes out.

ActionBastard3936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

So a 20GB HDD is sufficient for multiple HD recording and/or movies...yeah didn't think so. If you really feel they are trying to offer a service, where you need not buy anything, you are exactly who they (being MS) target. All you are doing is playing semantics. You stated both the PS3 and 360 "both share that current problem neither have a TV tuner input". The PS3 offers a TV tuner. If you were speaking about the products "out of the box", you have enough bubbles for me to believe you would have stated that. But please, continue backpedaling.

Almost forgot: "So they both in-order to actually record live TV/show live TV will need to have live TV streamed to the box via the internet" Really? L-O-L

Dlacy13g3936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

Ok, going to try and sum this up. Neither the PS3 or 360 have built in TV tuners in the that would allow either box to be a dvr as they stand. I understand the PS3 has PlayTV and it connects up to the PS3. But requires something other than the original PS3 unit to do this....i.e. it does not have a built in TV tuner. plugs into the PS3.

The 360 is going the route of IPTV. Not a DVR system in the sense of a Tivo box per se. It's internet streamed content. It's not live TV as it stands from what I know, I am assuming its streamed similar to how they are now handling streamed content on the 360 aka its news updates. 20GB is more than enough if all the content is going to be streamed to you as you wont use any of that HDD wont need it for streamed content.

Now the big question I think you are indirectly asking is which is better. Personally I like true DVR funcitionality and am going to go on a limb and say the thought of PlayTV is better imo than IPTV. I like live events and dont relish the thought of limiting myself to streamed data. Now... if MS and BT can get the backend service to the point of you are streaming live events and channels (or slight delay as in 30 seconds, etc..) well then they may have a product that could appeal.

But for now...I am just eager to see how this IPTV will be put forward.

ActionBastard3936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

@ Dlacy13g
I have no questions on which is better, they both serve their purpose. I only take issue with applying the limitations of one onto the other. If you have no intentions of recording or saving the content you are viewing, then of course 20GB is sufficient. However, with the influx of Tivo and HDDVR capabilities, who wants to just watch pre-recorded content? Of course there are some, but the popularity of DVR suggests we want to store the content as well as view it. IPTV is a great start to the future of TV as we know. But MS is not the company to bring it in our homes. Cable and satellite providers are not going to just rollover. They are also in a far better position because their entire business is that of putting content in our homes. Also, it feels like MS is shooting their Media Center capabilities in the foot. Right now, 360 owners can watch and record live TV via Media Center. I understand the additional costs of a MCPC, but there is cost associated with this too: monthly subscription fee for the IPTV service, the additional costs of a larger HDD (for those who want to keep their recordings), the required broadband internet (another monthly fee). I am very interested in seeing how this pans out. Lord know I hate MS, but not as much as Time Warner. Thanks for not making this a PS3 vs 360 pissing match. It is always nice to share different points of view without resorting to "Jump In" or "PLAYB3YOND"

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