Four Lies Told To You By The Gaming Industry (That You Forgot)

GP: "Everybody has told a little white lie at some point in their lives. And when I say everybody, I do mean everybody. Game companies included. Some lies are bigger than others, while others are just confusing and leave you wondering, 'Why would they lie about that?' But in most cases, a company will lie to drum up interest in their product."

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Godmars2904057d ago

There should have been a false advertising legal brew-ha-ha over FFXIII for the 360, especially considering the multiple ad "mistakes," but the fan bases were too busy arguing about it being on the system.

SPAM-FRITTER-1234057d ago

to be fair molyneux did allow you to have kids in 2.

and the guys below are right. you could write a whole article about molyneux's lies.....oh wait they have about a hundred times.

he is still the best developer on the market.

Lucretia4057d ago

peter is far from the best developer. when the only decent games he has made is black and white and fable 1, and the lies and promises he failed to meet keep coming he is one of the worst and over rated devs ever.

He can't make a decent game for the life of him. his last good game was fable 1

Falloutxii4057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

"he is still the best developer on the market." lmao right...

SPAM-FRITTER-1234057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )


yeh he has only made 2 decent games.

what about:




Theme Park

Dungeon Keeper

The Movies

let me guess your a new skool gamer.

Anon19744057d ago

Spam-fritter hit it right on the head. Some of the best gaming experiences I've ever had were directly the result of Peter and Bullfrog studios. Populous and Populous 2 were classics. Syndicate was fantastic, Dungeon Keeper was one of a kind as was Black and White. You want to see when his work started to go south, look no further than when he teamed up with Microsoft, and even then - Fable one and 2 were a blast.

As for his "lies" the guy was ambitious and passionate about his work. He talked tonnes with the media about what he wanted and what he planned to put into the Fable series and some of it didn't come to pass. Big freaking deal. You think he's the only developer out there that wasn't able to put everything into his games that they wanted to? This is why some developers won't even talk to the media during production - because some game fans can't handle it and in the end just start whining about "Uuugh. mmmm..But they said thissssss....." Of course games change during development. We'd hear more about it to if developers weren't afraid of a subset of gamers losing their freaking minds every time some element didn't go exactly as planned during development.

And, I'm sorry. The finished Killzone 2 looked far, far better than the E3 trailer we saw of supposed game footage. It was a gaff, but in the end Guerrilla Games totally pulled off and exceeded the promises of that footage. I didn't think there was actually anyone out there that still believed Guerrilla didn't deliver compared to that e3 video.

Denethor_II4057d ago

Peter is definitely a great developer of games and a pioneer of 'God' games.

crxss4056d ago

it's hard to forget lies told by VG companies especially when you have the internet available 24/7 to remind you and that we're the ones being lied to. every company that's lied will always have a tainted image to them.

my most recent favorite lie comes from the people at bioware (I doubt people will ever forget this).

Casey Hudson:
“the endings can be a lot more different. At
this point we’re taking into account so many decisions that you’ve made
as a player and reflecting a lot of that stuff. It’s not even in any way
like the traditional game endings, where you can say how many endings
there are or whether you got ending A, B, or C.....The endings have a
lot more sophistication and variety in them.”

Enjoy the rest:

SilentNegotiator4056d ago (Edited 4056d ago )

"let me guess your a new skool gamer"

You said that he "IS" the best, not "WAS"

You have confused "old school" and "living in the past". Pete's offerings have been very weak lately.

Hellsvacancy4056d ago

Populous is 1 of my all time favourite games, i really liked Black And White aswel

MaxXAttaxX4056d ago (Edited 4056d ago )

It had more lighting effects and an overall better picture than the trailer.

Phil Harrison slipped up and said all demos(in general) were real-time, but nothing about Killzone 2 footage actually being in-game, but to PS3 specs instead. So I don't see the big deal.

N4realGMRZ4056d ago

Some people are still in denial about looked nothing like the pre rendered fact nothing does not even high end PC Games....i still think about it as the ultimate like this Gen.......honesly just move on about it!

ChrisGTR14056d ago

what ever happened to Nasim. he was one of the biggest ps3 fanboys maybe like 5 years ago on this site.

hot4play4056d ago

Project Natal/Kinect "Milo" demo anyone?

nanometric4056d ago (Edited 4056d ago )

Doesn't he go by Deadreckoning (or something) now?

EDIT: Also, what about TheMart and Zhuk, the infamous xbox trolls? Those were fun times...
BTW, TheMart, if you’re reading this, are you still waiting for MGS4 on xbox or not?


Man, I've been out of N4G for like 2 weeks and the fanboy war is all out again?

Seriously, some of the comments under remember me of Mart, Nasim, Power of Green... Even LaChance came out of his bridge! It sure bring some memories up.

I guess those new gen consoles must be around the corner and it's gonna be 2005/2006 all over again.

MaxXAttaxX4056d ago (Edited 4056d ago )

Who's in denial? No one said Killzone 2 looked like the trailer. Technically, of course it didn't!
But you missed the point of what I said above. There are elements that look better in the actual game and it still ended up looking pretty great. Better than many were expecting.

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Bathyj4057d ago

How did I know this would mention Killzone. Give it up, its been like 7 years, and it was never true to start with.

caseh4057d ago

'They never quite pulled it off, but it still looked pretty amazing'

So they were a bit over-ambitious, no big deal and the result was a pretty amazing game. Good enough for me. :)

Bathyj4057d ago

So youre a person who would rather focus on the overwhelming positives than dwell on the occasional negative?

Go forth and multiply sir.

SPAM-FRITTER-1234057d ago

why is it ok for guerilla to be over-ambitious but not molyneux?

all companies do it just molyneux does it more than others. he has a creative mind,which is rare in gaming these days.

MySwordIsHeavenly4057d ago

Because Guerrilla never told us the game would look EXACTLY like that. They never promised us that you could have kids in Killzone...

What they did was make a CGI trailer and tell us it was a CGI trailer. Then, the gaming community freaked out because they WANTED it to be in-game footage.

sphinct4056d ago

Killzone is a great franchise. I'm a longtime fan.

MaxXAttaxX4056d ago

The final build of Killzone 2 looked better than the 2005 trailer.
It had more lighting effects and an overall better picture than the trailer.

Phil Harrison slipped up and said all demos(in general) were real-time, but nothing about Killzone 2 footage actually being in-game, but to PS3 specs instead. So I don't see the big deal.


Two different things. Tech demo vs missing game features? Nice try.

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Godmars2904057d ago

Honestly don't remember KZ3 ever being compared to the first KZ2 teaser.

Do remember Sony went to the trouble of offering a full breakdown of another commercial featuring a sniper bullet on PSN.

Jazz41084056d ago (Edited 4056d ago )

I'm not defending anyone but a lie is a lie. Killzone was never running in game as the sony camp said and was only a target render. The game itself was ok but kz 3 was terrible. This article is about lies and you could fill pages with lies sony has stated from the intro of ps2 to the ps3 and the more recent psn outage. Its getting so bad that one has to question everything sony says anymore. I'm not saying all company's are perfect and just picking on Sony but Sony had this coming and people on here wonder why Sony gets so much hate in the media and this is one of the many reasons.

Kahvipannu4056d ago

I actually also wonder why no more people mention Sony, they always have theyr heads in the clouds, and promise too much. This goes with many companies, but Sony comes in mind first when someone mentions the topic, and Molyneyx from devs ofcourse.

Clarence4056d ago

Yeah because M$ didn't lie about the 360 and RROD. One the biggest lies this gen. If I remember correctly Halo Reach didn't look anything like the shots that were first released.
Sony gets so much hate in the media because u and the other Sony haters wanted the PS3 to fell from the get go.
The media was bashing the PS3 before any of the issues you mentioned accrued.

Nice try.

kikizoo4056d ago

Wow jazz, always the poor delusional xfanboy in total denial, kz2 delivered more than expected, and you can find article with "kz2 visuals better than E3 demo"

so just, accept it, 2006 blind fanboy.

Silly gameAr4056d ago

The actual game looked better then the target render. Get over it,

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andrewsqual4056d ago

Over ambitious? That Killzone Target render has nowhere near the particle, volumetric and shadow and lighting effects going on like there was in Killzone 2 itself. We all know that the final Killzones 2 beat the render. Nobody was saying at E3 2007, "It looks crapper then 2 years ago". Eh Kinect? Remember that? I think Microsoft are still trying to say its awesome or something?

jimbobwahey4056d ago

Yeah really, I didn't know there were people who played Killzone 2 and honestly didn't think it looked better than the prerendered trailer.

Hell, I remember back when the game came out people compared in-game screenshots to the original trailer, and the final game blew it out the water in pretty much every single area.

Totally baffled that there's people out there who somehow think KZ2/KZ3 look worse than the first trailer that Sony showed, all it takes is a few minutes with either game to see that they went way beyond it visually.

YoungKingDoran4056d ago

"Killzone 2 is a first-person shooter that is a bit like Call of Duty 4 in that lots of things happen around you in a war-torn area where your squadron is fighting for survival."

lots of things happen = COD

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Redempteur4057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

Only one lie by molyneux ? ROFL

you could make an entire article about him

basilezz30304057d ago

molyneux only lied once ???

LaChance4057d ago

I think the PS3 is the biggest lie of the industry this gen.

It's nowhere as revolutionnary are powerful as they said it was. And what happend to it being like 4 times more powerful than the 360 ?

fucadastates4057d ago

why only one bubble....?... ohh thats why :)

crxss4056d ago (Edited 4056d ago )

lol yeah I can see why he only has one bubble but LaChance kind of has a point here. Other than the promise of the cell processor, i also remember when Sony thought it'd have two HDMI ports, three Ethernet ports, and six USB ports back in 2005. Really hoping Sony can bounce back with the PS4. Feels like they didn't really research what people wanted in the PS3.

On the other hand we had Microsoft denying RROD reports for a long time lol

SilentNegotiator4056d ago (Edited 4056d ago )

Changes from the unfinished ps3 prototype OVER A YEAR before launch isn't the same as a "lie". It's not like they aired TV ads promising multiple HDMI ports and such.

Kahvipannu4056d ago

For saying something that is actually good point, or saying something that is against the corporation, or the plastic box you love?

Can't tell which one/s

Yes, PS3 hype was ridiculous, and many features/capabilities after that.

glennco4056d ago

don't bash sony on n4g. your disagrees will always far outweigh your agrees. my point is you are wasting your time. fanboys are no different from religious zealots. go and tell a christian their religion comes from astrology and see where you get.

Shadow Flare4056d ago

Nathan Drake took a dump on the 360

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callahan094057d ago

You're just making stuff up, aren't you?

NastyLeftHook04056d ago

LACHANCE....there is no console game on the face of the earth that looks as good as uncharted 3, so technically you are wrong.

and 4 times as powerful? maybe not, but is it more powerful? an undeniable hell yes.

stevenhiggster4056d ago

Actually I'd say GOW3 looks better than UC3. Maybe just my opinion but either way there isn't much in it.

humbleopinion4056d ago

If your answer is "undeniable hell yes", how does it explain the fact that the most demanding games actually run worse on the PS3 hardware? More powerful hardware should run the games better.

What is your scale for measuring how powerful a piece of hardware is? "no game console looks as good as uncharted" is not a technical argument but rather just a subjective observation, and other people can similarly claim that other console games not only look "as good", but actually look better.

And on topic, I'd say that one of the funniest lies this gen was when Sony claimed that "rumble is a last gen feature and this is why we removed it" after getting sued by immersion for patent infringements (and then bringing the rumble back):

The quote is from Phil Harrison by the way, who now moved to Microsoft. So I'm expecting equally entertaining comedy next gen.

Horny4057d ago

Epic could be on there with all the bullshots they release to promote their games.

Also add gametrailer. It was a racing game, forgot which one, were they did a graphics comparison and used ps3 footage for 360 and vice versa then claimed 360 had better graphics.