Is EA Truly The Worst Company In America Or Just A Victim Of Fanboy Rage?

The votes are in and the people have spoken, Electronic Arts has officially won the most coveted of all awards and become the Worst Company in America for 2012. This is no small feat considering that past winners have included BP, who showed a disgusting lack of remorse for causing one of the worst environmental disasters in history, and Comcast, a perennial runner up and a company that I have a personal distaste for and am forced to work with because they are the only internet provider in my area. Is EA truly deserving of this title or this just a product of stories and conjecture tainting consumer perception?

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aviator1893344d ago

just fanboy rage, i'm sure. ea should just be lucky to have the talents of dice and bioware under their belt.

Laxman3343d ago

Definately just fanboy rage. They publish and bring us gamers some of the best, more innovative and original games we can hope to play. There is no way they are even close to being the worst company in the world.

ardivt3343d ago

There are banks and huge companies destroying peoples lives and people claim a gaming publisher is the worst comapny in America? Raging gamers really are fun.