Besides the new controversy, EGM is irrelevant and always will be

Gaming Console Network, Jan 09, 2008:

Since EGM's Dan Hsu exposed the review ban from Midway, Ubisoft and Sony, many people are actually siding with Hsu. Gaming Console Network editor Sean Foster disagrees with them. He argues that EGM jumped the shark years ago.

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Relcom3987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

gonna get very ugly for reviewers. Fanboyism is not solely relegated to this site. Its is present in all review sites too. These reviews aren't these great people with great opinions( most of them anyways). They are just people like us. Thats why its best to find a site or show that shares your game playing preferences and stick with them.

Bottom line is gaming is so new that corruption from the corporations is running rapid. There is no agency looking over the video game market to make sure that influence from the corporation aren't swaying opinions.

I choose, Yatzee, and PC gamer. Those are the only ones i can truly say i trust with no doubt. I suggest everyone find something they believe too.

Shankle3987d ago

And for PlayStation fans I recommend OPM.

ktchong3987d ago

EGM is still more relevant than "Gaming Console Network".

Relcom3987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

TRUE, but them whinning that because they aren't getting sent free stuff, that they "won't review it" is, well just plain dumb. Bunch of cry babies EGM

socomnick3987d ago

I actually like egm they give for the most part decent very well written reviews.

GCNSeanFoster3987d ago

It is call an opinion Round Peg. This is not about GCN anyway, its about the fact that EGM has lost its credibility and this is further proof. Very unprofessional on Dan Hsu's part. And Jack Doe is right, its all for publicity.

CeruleanSky3987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

Gamers are tired of EGM/1Up's Xbox fanboyism. EGM can cry their little Xbot eyes out but they have no one to blame but themselves.

No one but hardcore Xbots want to have to listen to:

* Halo 3 being whored constantly

* Any game that remotely is seen as a threat to anything Halo related getting trashed

* The joke review scores

It is now 2008, gamers are tire of that crap and just want solid information on upcoming games. EGM dug their own grave and now they will have to try to survive on hardcore Xbots for support.

The EMG and 1Up debacle is just another example of the corrosive effect Microsoft has had on the console world. There are no major gaming sites that:

* Are foaming at the mouth Nintendo or Sony whores

* Have sleazy 'marketing arrangements' with anyone but Microsoft

* Have reviewers accepting 1000 dollar 'gift bags' for games other than Microsoft games like Halo 3

* Function as places to get hired away to any other console company than Microsoft

The console world was a fairly happy place before Microsoft made their unwelcome entry. It will be a better place after they leave.

Sony gamers have always been content with Nitendo fans enjoying their games and have never felt the need to trash Nintendo games to try to make Sony games look better in comparison.

Nintendo gamers have always been content with Sony fans enjoying their games and have never felt the need to trash Sony games to try to make Nintendo games look better in comparison.

However, Microsoft and its fanbase...

Nicosia3987d ago

This is something that bothers me. Just because the revieuw doesn't have your opinion, it a auto-bad opinion. You know what the diffrence between you and a revieuwer, they play the game. You have already made up your mind about the game before playing it.

And the thing is that your lying about the nitendo thing, if ps3 and wii where the only thing on the market there will still be fanboys. Every generation has them. So whats a good site in your eyes? a site that gives 10's to ps3 games? and bad numbers to other consoles? The only reason your going around bashing other consoles is because it is a threat in your eyes, if you don't care (like i do) you would have not bothers to write that all up.

Omicron3987d ago

N4G is irrelevant and always will be. The only funny thing about this website is see a PStard crying because the PS3 software is pure garbage.

FunnyBone3987d ago

I will only agree with you on the N4G part...the rest is rubbish...

superman3987d ago

I didnt actually read everything you said,but sounds like a valid arguement.

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