Are There Too Many Games Released Each Year?

When Dusty Cartridge reflects upon the mighty 2011, it’s easy to see that this solitary year contained some of the finest months the gaming industry has seen in some time. Batman: Arkham City, Uncharted 3, and Zelda: Skyward Sword, alongside a cavalcade of others. Yet, while we like to sit back and revel in the joyous elation of Triple-A heaven, it raises one resonating question – Is having this many games within a twelve month period actually beneficial for the industry?

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jacksonmichael3564d ago

Both. Too few great games, too much shovelware. But I guess it all depends on what games interest you and what portion of your budget you're willing to put into gaming.

dark-hollow3563d ago

people tend to give this gen way much less credit.

ps2/xbox gen had as much if not more shovleware.

humbleopinion3563d ago

And less high quality games

HBK6193563d ago

Definitely true Dark Hollow.

If you took all the worst rated games from PS2/XBOX generation and looked at them compared to this gens worst games. While they'd all be terrible to play and look at, at least this gens would be SLIGHTLY more polished.

And overall there's far more higher quality games coming out year over year from every end of the spectrum.

ABizzel13563d ago


I agree, bad games this gen are better than ones from last gen, but that's not saying much of anything.

However, there was a lot more diversity in gaming last gen then currently.

CanadianTurtle3563d ago

I think this generation of gaming was the most innovative and changed the industry forever due to its focus on online gaming.

There are many great games these days.

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flappersack3563d ago

I'd rather more than less. I like finding it hard to decide what to play instead of feeling like there is nothing to play.

adam_guetti3563d ago

I'm totally down for having choice. My main issue comes with having more just for mores sake. If I have to endure a slight lull, or have less selection in order to get consistently quality titles, personally that's something I can accept.

TenSteps3563d ago

Same, I mean you don't have to buy them all at once.

CommonSense3563d ago

WAY too many games. I already have a massive backlog of games i fear i'll never finish. and there are about 15-20 i want this year.

cas853563d ago

You would still play limited amount of games regardless of how many gets released. But more is better because now you can pick only the best.

Crap_Turtle3563d ago

What are you serious? There used to be between 3-40 releases A MONTH, the idustry thrived

Now its between 10-20 and the industry is close to crashing again..............

So you tell me whats better

the best thing for the industry to do is have each company have 1 game at least in each region a quarter

CommonSense3563d ago

lol...dude. *sigh*

correlation is NOT causation.

3563d ago
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